Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 1 - Somewhere, Anywhere

9:06PM - Mandy and Scott are in the bedroom.
Have you got a minute?
I'm all ears.
Well.. there's a lot of happiness in the house tonight, and I'd like to clear the air between us. The others are right. I haven't got anything to argue with you about anymore. I just decided I didn't like you from the start, but I've realised today, that you're alright. You're a nice bloke and I finally know that you actually feel something for June. I'm sorry.
You took your time to realise I was a nice bloke, but thanks for that. I appreciate it. Should we have a fresh start?
Yes please.

Paula: Amelia, put that off this instant! You know that trash SimTV is only for brainless idiots!
Amelia: But mum! Mandy and Scott are making up! They're about to...
Paula: I couldn't care less darling. Shows like Sim Brother are unintelligent and for people of lower class than us. I've told you countless times not to watch it. It is...
Amelia: But mummy... I like it.
Paula: Honey, your television set is for educational programmes that are necessary to your...
Amelia: I don't care about that programmes!

Paula: Amelia, you are not to watch Sim Brother or any other SimTV programme again, understand? If I catch you with any rubbish on your television again I will throw it out and dock your weekly allowance.
Amelia: Yes, mother!
Paula: Lose the tone Amelia. Little girls with attitudes are not accepted in this household - or the one we are moving to. We leave tomorrow morning which means you have the rest of the day to pack your clothes and other items.
Amelia: Why do we have to move! I like it here.
Paula: Because your father has a new job and we need to. Plus, the change of scenery and enviroment may do you the world of good.
Amelia: Hmph.
Paula: And you'll be able to make new friends at school. Ones that are good for you...

Somewhere in Veronaville, a family of two are spending their final day in their home. Richard and Vanessa are a newly married couple who live a rundown house. Richard recently won over £500,000 on the SimLotto and the couple have decided to move to Riverside in search of a better life. They currently feel intimidated and unsafe in their home as the area has a high crime rate including burglary, muggings and vandalism.
Vanessa: No food... again. Typical! I'm starving, Richard.
Richard: It's alright, I'll nip down to the corner shop and pick us up a sandwich and some crisps.
Vanessa: No you won't, Rich. I just popped my head out the door... the local yobs have gathered around the end of the street. I don't want anymore hassle before we move to Sim Street in Riverside tomorrow.
Richard: Alright, fine. I'm sure there's a loaf in the cupboard. It's maybe a day or two out of date but it's edible nonetheless.

Back in Pleasantview, Paul and Henry are also preparing to move to Riverside. The family of four (Henry, Paula, Amelia and Steven) are moving to Sim Street in Riverside as well. The reason for the move is because of Henry's work.
Paula: I really wish we didn't have to move, Henry. I love this area so much. The suburbs on the outskirts of town here are so calm and quiet. The scenery is great. The house is so big. I can't believe we're going to have to live in a street. An actual street with houses right, left and centre. We're stuck right in the middle of town!
Henry: Paula, dear, I've explained this to you before. We have to - for monetary reasons. There are no jobs left in the area here.
Paula: I know and I understand. It's just such a big change - I'll get used to it, hopefully.
Henry: You'll have to. You have nowhere else to go.
Paula: Hmm, I will get used to it in time. Anyway Henry, come help me pack our clothes.

Vanessa: I am so glad to be getting away from this dump-yard street tomorrow. It has been a hellish two years but I'm glad we're finally getting away.
Richard: Yeah... the SimLotto win certainly came in handy and at the right time. I don't think we could handle this place much longer.
Vanessa: I know. We've been broken into, mugged on the street, had our back garden ruined. Hey, do you remember that time when we caught one of the idiots spraying graffiti on our wall in the middle of the night?
Richard: Yeah, he just stood there clueless as an idiot when you saw him.
Vanessa: It was hilarious, that expression on his face. The first and only time I've laughed at something like that.
Richard: Totally... he wasn't expecting it all.
Vanessa: Oh Rich... I'm glad we'll be able to look back on these two years and laugh at at least one of the moments. Oh, just 12 hours to go and we'll be leaving.
Richard: Can't wait for...
Vanessa: Hang on a sec... did you hear that?
Richard: Yeah, there's something happening outside - sounds like a riot!
Vanessa: Pfft... I'll go phone the police... see if they can do anything 'bout it.

Gavin: Hi, Veronaville Police Department.
Vanessa: Gavin, hi, it's me.
Gavin: Ah, Vanessa, hi. The kids causing trouble again?
Vanessa: You guessed it. There's some sort of gathering outside - something's going on.
Gavin: I'll be across straight away. Stay indoors meanwhile.

Back in Pleasantview the Layton's have gone to bed in preparation for an early morning.

Gavin: They've all departed the area now. From what I've gathered there was some sort of fight going on.
Vanessa: Ah right. Well, thanks for coming over to sort it out.
Gavin: No problem, it's my job. Anyway, just be glad you'll have no more hooligans and crime to deal with once you get to Riverside. I hear it's a quiet town.
Vanessa: And thank goodness for that! I tell you, if I see one yob I will run for the hills! (Laughs)

It's nearly midnight. Paula has been crying in her kitchen for 21 minutes.

Vanessa: So, what's on your mind?
Richard: Just thinking that this time tomorrow I could be sitting in our new home on our new leather sofa with sport on the new plasma TV and a tin of beer in hand.
Vanessa: Nice though, except I'd go for sitting in the jacuzzi with a glass of champagne in hand. Bliss
Richard: I'll stick with my idea, thanks. (Laughs)
Vanessa: To be honest, I don't care much anymore. Anything is better than this hell pit.
Richard: Well, we've got one more night before we go so lets make the most of it...
Vanessa: Come here, you...

Henry: I thought I heard something.
Paula: Oh Henry!
Henry: Paula come here... what the devil's the matter?
Paula: Moving. I don't want to go. We already have everything here - friends, family, a big house, money, each other...
Henry: But we'll lose each other and the money if we stay here. We have to move house.
Paula: It's understandable but...
Henry: You'll have me with you, and the kids. We'll be safe together. I'll make sure of it.

Richard: What is it Van?
Vanessa: Smoke. I smell smoke. There's a fire...
Richard: What?!
Vanessa: Just grab some clothes - I'll get the money from the safe in the wardrobe.
Richard: Yeah...
Vanessa: Quickly!


Richard: I'll drive - you call the fire brigade.
Vanessa: Where are we going?
Richard: We can't stay - the yobs will still be around and they'll get us.
Vanessa: So where are we going?
Richard: To the new house I suppose - we'll get there early in the morning.

Paula: Come on Amelia, eat up your breakfast. You'll need food in your stomach before we embark on the 5 hour car journey to Riverside.
Amelia: It tastes yucky.
Paula: It's the new reduced sugar type - much better for you.
Steven: Yeah well it ain't any better for the taste buds. It tastes of...
Paula: Enough, Steven. Just sit down and eat. It's the only food left - everything else has been binned because we're moving.

Steven: You don't need to remind us again. We know.
Paula: Steven I've told you the move may do us good. Anyway you'll get to make new friends at your new school.
Steven: Yeah right. This new school will have the same dorks as the last one. The ones who only care about themselves and just pick on those below them.
Paula: Steven, I'd told you. You are a Layton. You are above everyone else.
Steven: No, I'm equal to everyone else, mother.
Paula: You'll learn one day I suppose. Anyway, eat up. I'm off to shower and dress. We have a long car journey ahead of us.

Lauren: Hello. Can I help you?
Richard: Hi, I'm Richard Grass. You must be the girlfriend of Rik?
Lauren: No, I'm his sister.
Richard: Ah right, well we've just arrived here - myself and my wife. Rik's the estate agent who sold us the house down the street. He's got the keys to the house and we'd like them.
Lauren: No bother, I'll just get them and give them to you. You're a bit early though, Rik wasn't expecting you until around midday.
Richard: We had a few problems.
Lauren: Oh, alright. Is that your wife in the car?
Richard: Yeah, that's Vanessa.
Lauren: And she's wearing pyjama's?
Richard: Yeah. As I said - a few problems.
Lauren: Anything we can do to help?
Richard: Some food would be nice.
Lauren: That can be arranged. Take yourself and Vanessa inside and I'll whip you up breakfast free of charge. The pub doesn't normally open until midday but we can make an exception.
Richard: Thanks very much - you're a star!
Lauren: It's no problem. Anyway, I'll go fetch the keys to your house and dig out some clothes for Vanessa - she looks like she needs it. And by the way, welcome to Sim Street.