Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 2 - Love Me

Richard and Vanessa Grass have just finished breakfast in the Riverside Pub.
Vanessa: Well that was fantastic. Thank you Lauren.
Lauren: It was no problem, honestly. Anything for a couple in need of some help.
Vanessa: Yeah, I guess you're wondering exactly what happened to us.
Lauren: You betcha I am! Finding somebody you don't know standing on your doorstep in pyjamas at 8am is something worth questioning.
Richard: (Laughs). It's a long story...
Vanessa: A hell of a long story in fact.
Richard: But we'll cut it short. Basically we were living in a neighbourhood from hell. We were being targeted by a gang of yobs because we were just a normal couple who were easy targets.
Vanessa: Anyway, we decided to move and that was supposed to happen today but the little buggers decided to give us a goodbye present and torched our house last night.
Lauren: Oh my...!
Richard: Yes, that's why we - or rather just Vanessa - is dressed in only pyjamas.

Lauren: That's simply terrible. No wonder you moved. What did the police say about the fire?
Richard: We haven't spoke to them yet because Vanessa just dialled 999 as I drove away. We're heading back later today to check up with them but as far as we're concerned we are no longer connected with our previous home and lifestyle.
Lauren: I don't blame you at all. This street is fairly quiet - nothing like your last one anyway. We've had the odd love affair or fire over the years but it's been pleasant. Oh, there was one thing last year but that was a one off. Nothing to worry about though.
Vanessa: Sounds excellent. Can't wait to finally move in!
Lauren: Oh yeah - what are you going to do about furniture and clothes?
Vanessa: Well, don't mention this to anyone else but we won the SimLotto a few weeks back. Half a million simoleans.
Lauren: Gosh. I guess that's enough to cover the costs then?
Richard: Oh yeah. I suppose we'll need to go on a mega shopping trip later today for the essentials.
Vanessa: Yeah, first we need to get into the house though.
Lauren: Well I woke Rik about 30 minutes ago. He should be downstairs with the keys any time now.

: Morning honey.
Kerry: And good morning to you too. I can't believe it's only a few weeks until we're Mr and Mrs Land... again.
Dave: 3 weeks huh? Jeez, doesn't feel like it's been nearly a year since we got engaged.
Kerry: I know. Time has flown by in the last year.
Dave: An engagement, new jobs, trying for a baby and now marriage.

Kerry: It has been a cracking year though.
Dave: The best of my life!
Kerry: Mine too. The next year should be great too with hopefully a baby on the way.
Dave: And I could have a business opening as well.
Kerry: What type are you thinking of?
Dave: I'm thinking of venturing into the car industry.
Kerry: You'll be raking the money in if that happens - we could buy our own house and car. It's a shame money's a bit thin on the ground now though. I feel terrible about having Lauren paying for part of the wedding but I promised her we'd pay her back with extra.
Dave: Yes, she's been a great help. Anyway, I'd better get ready for work. I start at 10am.

Henry: Home sweet home!
Paula: Hmm, it is home. Not sure if it's sweet though.
Amelia: It's smaller than our last house.
Henry: Yes, but it's quality that matters, not quantity. And this house is very modern and appealing.
Paula: I'll wait until I get inside before I judge the house.
Henry: Well lets get inside then. We can see what it's like and then get all of the furniture in.

Henry: Well?
Paula: It's wonderful. It's so modern and clean and tidy and... I can go on.
Henry: (Laughs) That's one huge change in opinion. I told you you'd like it.
Paula: Well, show me the rest of the house before I suddenly change my mind. So far though it looks great.
Henry: Come on, go through the archway to your left, it takes you to the living area.

Dave is at his work and has been there since 10am. He has been working throughout his lunch break.
Dave: (Singing) And all the roads we have to walk along are winding. And all the lights that lead us there are blinding.

Kate: Somehow I don't think you'll be the next singing superstar.
Dave: Oh, hey Kate. Didn't hear you come in.
Kate: I noticed you weren't at the canteen this lunchtime. Something up?
Dave: Just general life. You know how things are at home with Kerry.
Kate: Is somebody in need of some loving?
Dave: Yes!

Dave: This is all I can dream of doing with Kerry at the moment. She's too wrapped up in the wedding  that she forgets me almost completely.
Kate: That's why I'm here. What Kerry doesn't give you I can.

Dave: I wish there was somewhere we could go for a bit of privacy. I haven't had sex for 3 weeks and I'm gagging for it.
Kate: After work - come round to my place for a while.
Dave: But Kerry will wonder where I'm at. She may forget about things such as our sex life but she'll notice if I'm missing. I still care about her - she's my future after all.
Kate: And..?
Dave: And what?
Kate: What about me? Am I in your future?
Dave: Yes - but only in the short term future.
Kate: And after you and Kerry have married and you have a baby, everything goes back to normal and you can play happy families while I get thrown aside, right?
Dave: Well what did you expect?

Kate: A relationship! A proper relationship!
Dave: But I'm with Kerry... I thought you'd know this was just a fling.
Kate: A fling. A bit of sex. Your bit on the side.
Dave: Hmm, yes. Sorry Kate. You mean a lot to me but Kerry means more.
Kate: I thought you were planning to ditch her at some point.
Dave: No - she's my everything. But...
Kate: Forget it Dave. I get your point.

Richard and Dave has just returned from their old house where they have been since 11am. They have just entered their new home in Sim Street.
Vanessa: Woo! This house is great! Can't believe we have finally moved in.
Richard: It's mighty fine. I knew as soon as I saw it at the estate agents that it would be great for us.
Vanessa: The garden looks great as well from here. C'mon, lets go and have a look.

Vanessa: It's beautiful. Well, it's a bit empty and such but we've never had a proper garden before.
Richard: You should see it at night time. It's even better.
Vanessa: I can just see us now at night time, sitting on deck chairs with a glass of champagne in hand. Oh this is brilliant.

Vanessa: I'm so ecstatic that we've been able to detach ourselves from our old lives completely now. We told the police what they needed to know and that we wanted to move on.
Richard: Yeah, and we don't want to press charges if they find who did it. As much as we hate the arsonists, we've moved on and are forgetting them.
Vanessa: While I'm in a good mood I'm heading out to the shops. Lauren gave me some advice on the best places to go - you're coming, right?
Richard: Oh yeah. I'm looking forward to picking out a plasma screen for the lounge.

Lauren: Is Dave still at work?
Kerry: Yeah - he works until 7pm on Wednesdays.
Lauren: You know what, I am so jealous.
Kerry: Of who?!
Lauren: You and Dave. You both have everything - jobs, a baby on the way, a wedding soon. I just have myself and this stinking pub.
Kerry: You have me and Dave as well - we're your best friends. And then there's Rik - your brother.
Lauren: But I'm 27 years old, I'm single, I haven't had a boyfriend in almost 2 years and the last time I had sex was... was... I can't even remember! I just feel like a part of my life is missing.

Kerry: Well you need to get out there. Nobody will come knocking on your front door looking for you - you need to get out and start looking. Look, I'll take you out next week and we can go out for a bit of fun and we'll see if we can find you anyone.
Lauren: What about tonight or this weekend?
Kerry: I promised Dave I'd cook tea tonight and Dave's taking me out on Friday night to some fancy restaurant where we had our first date. We can't do Saturday because we're both working at he pub downstairs. Next week's the best I can do and I promise we'll do it.
Lauren: Thanks Kerry. It means a lot.
Kerry: Well that's what friends are for. We help each other.
Lauren: Y'know I can't wait... just to feel secure in a mans arms again and to share a life with someone else. Just like you and Dave.

: Listen Kate. I'm sorry about earlier and being harsh. It's just I don't see a future at all for us. I was lacking a sex life at home and now you've helped me realise that. I can go home and sort it all out.
Kate: So that's me then. Just thrown aside.
Dave: Kate, we do have a future. But it's only as friends, not lovers.
Kate: But I want you... I think I love you.
Dave: We've kissed a few times and had sex once. You can't base love on a silly love affair.
Kate: We've known each other for almost a year though and in that time I've fallen for you badly. I love your personality, your humour, your looks... everything.
Dave: (Laughs) Seriously?
Kate: It's not funny - I'm being serious.
Dave: Well in that case I think it's best we just distance ourselves from each other.

Kate: Why?
Dave: Because this will just land us in trouble.
Kate: No. It will land you in trouble. You're the one with the fiancé. I have nobody else.
Dave: Listen Kate, just forget it. I thought we went over this earlier today - we're no longer in contact, alright?
Kate: So we're over?
Dave: We were never even together in the first place.
Kate: Dave! Stop brushing this aside.
Dave: Kate, this has all ended. Just go home.

Kate: No. Dave, this is far from over.
Dave: Why? What on earth are you going to do?

Kate: Hi, can I speak to Kerry please, thanks.
Kerry: It's Kerry speaking. Who is this?
Kate: Hi I'm Kate. I work with Dave. Recently...