Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 3 - If You Go

Amelia and Steven are at their new school. It's their first day and they are currently trying to find Amelia's classroom.
Steven: Here we are Amelia, here's your classroom.
Amelia: Can you come in with me?
Steven: Why?
Amelia: I'm embarrassed.
Steven: We were here last week for an introduction - your teacher is expecting you. There's no need to be embarrassed about entering a new class.
Amelia: But I don't know anyone.
Steven: Either do I but we need to make new friends here. You go into your classroom - I'll meet you here at 3.30pm before we head home.
Amelia: Fine whatever. I'll see you later.

: Oh, morning Kerry. Unusual to see you up so early. (Laughs)
Kerry: Hey Lauren. I'm planning on going out early. I have a few things to do and I'm getting an early start.
Lauren: Ah right. Anyway, where you up and about during the night at around 3am?
Kerry: Yeah I was. I was just getting a drink of water and going to the toilet. Why?
: I heard someone up and about. I thought I heard them pacing about in here and crying.

Later in the day.
Kerry: Good morning!
Dave: Hiya Kerry. But, er, what are you doing here?
Kerry: It's what she's doing here that I'm more concerned about.
Kate: But I work here. What are you doing?
Kerry: After our little chat on the phone yesterday, Dave came home and explained everything.
Kate: So he told you the same as what I said on the phone - that we're having an affair.
Dave: No, I told her the truth.
Kate: But that is the truth - we had an affair behind your fiancés back! For 4 months!

Kerry: You, missus, deserve that for stalking my Dave and making him feeling uncomfortable. Last night he told me of how you've been obsessive over him, following him around work, making advances on him!
Kate: No, Kerry. What I told you last night over the phone was true. We've been having an affair for months.
Kerry: No. No you haven't. You're lying... you're trying to split us up. You're a horrible and cruel...

Kate: Kerry, please, listen to me. I'm begging you. I mean no harm but this has to be said - Dave has been taking us both for fools. He has lied to us both.
Dave: Oh whatever, Kate. You're pathetic.
Kate: Kerry, please. Just listen. Dave started work here in January 2006 right? Well we built up a work friendship and earlier this year in May we shared our first kiss. Things just progressed from there and we ended up with a full blown love affair...



16th May 2006 - 9.15pm
: You're here very late. Won't the girlfriend be wondering where you're at?
Dave: Kerry? No... she's at home. It's Tuesday - she'll be all wrapped up in that SimTV show Pleasantview tonight. If I was at home I'd only be getting lectured about the life of Bella Goth! Plus I have work to do finish for tomorrow so I thought I'd stay late.
Kate: You don't sound very happy at home, honey. You've mentioned Kerry before in derogatory ways.
Dave: It's complicated. I don't feel like I get much attention at home with her.
Kate: I completely understand Dave. I've been through similar phases with past boyfriends.

Later that evening...

23rd June 2006 - 11.45pm
Just over a month since their first kiss, Dave and Kate continued with their relationship behind the backs of their friends and work colleagues. It was hard to keep hidden however Dave and Kate grabbed any opportunity they could of spending time together.

15th July 2006 - 4.35pm



Kate: ...and around mid-July would have been when we first had sex. In the photo booth just around the corner.
Kerry: Dave, is this true?
Dave: No. She's making it up. This is all part of her fantasy, believe me. It's true I haven't always been home at night but the workload here has been huge - it has needed me to stay.
Kate: Argh! Why won't you just believe me you stupid cow!

: Oi, you. This is our spot. Move!
Steven: Why? Can't you find another place to sit?
Spike: Look, jus' get out o' the seat an' mind yer own business.
Steven: Why can't you just find somewhere else. Or you could sit here next to me - there's enough space.
Zack: Listen mate, get out of this corridor or we'll help you along your way.
Steven: I'm waiting for my sister. She should be out of her classroom soon.
Spike: Jus' move.
Steven: There's no need to be so rude. If you really insist on sitting here alone then fine, I'll move.
Spike: Jus' make sure we don' see you around here again, alright?

Steven has just arrived home from school. Before attending Riverside Secondary he was home schooled for 5 years before going to a private school at the age of 10. The school he is attending is public.
Henry: Steven, how was school?
Steven: Terrible, simply terrible. Why can't I go to a private school anymore?
Henry: Why? What's up son?

Steven: The pupils at school are complete idiots, father. There were these kids at break who beat up a young lad and filmed it with some mobile phone. Nothing was done about it though. And just before leaving two other lads were demanding that I got out of "their area" of they'd make me. I was alright though - as was Amelia. We just need to make sure that we stay out of other kids ways from now on. Though I seriously miss my old school. Such a lovely place with decent human beings.
Henry: I know my job move hasn't exactly been the best of things but we'll get by. We always do.
Steven: Oh I'm sure I can cope with public school life, father, it's just that I rather miss my old life.

Lauren, Kerry and Paula are chatting in the local cafe.
Lauren: I can't believe you slapped her! I wish I could have seen her face.
Kerry: Oh it was a classic moment - her jaw literally dropped. Even better was her reaction when I said I was still with Dave!
Paula: Excuse me for perhaps being rude but do you believe Dave when he says Kate has been pestering him? Maybe they did have an affair. You did say Kate was with Dave this morning.
Kerry: Oh they work together so there's bound to be moments when they're in the same room. Plus Dave's the type of guy who doesn't like confrontation - he'll keep things civil with her. And yes, I do believe my Dave - 100%. I have no doubts. When I met her today she seemed exactly the type of person who would do that sort of thing. Like those women in the tabloids who claim they've slept with a famous footballer when all they've done is had a casual chat in a nightclub with them. It's a ridiculous accusation to make and Kate should have known better.
Lauren: Well I believe Dave too - he doesn't seem the sort of bloke that would do that kind of thing.
Paula: Well, you seem sure Kerry. I hope you're right and the wedding goes without a hitch later this year.

Kerry: Thanks. Anyhow, we don't know much about you. C'mon, let us know a bit about the Laytons.
: Well we moved here after my husband, Henry, was moved through his job. You see, he's an accountant and he got moved from the bank in Pleasantview to a bank here in Riverside. So far I quite like the area - a real treat of a neighbourhood with lovely houses and even better residents. It's smaller than my last place of residence but I'm sure I can grow to love this place just as much as the last one.
Lauren: It is a lovely place - I've lived here all my life and I would never give it up.
Kerry: It's got a great community and the pub - the one down the road -
Lauren: That I run  - you should feel free to pop in at any time and get to know the locals.
Kerry: - often has great evenings of entertainment. Like karaoke's and such. Oh, and my hen night is in there in a few weeks, you're invited!

Richard and Vanessa are getting ready to go out for the night.
Richard: I can't believe we're doing this! (Laughs)
Vanessa: I can't believe these clothes still fit me! After over 6 years as well!
Richard: D'ya think we'll look completely out of place? The nightclub seems very trendy and for younger folk - we're past our mid-twenties.
Vanessa: It's our anniversary. 8 years ago when we were just 18 you finally plucked up the courage to ask me out in a nightclub. This little night out is for that.
Richard: I still can't believe you said yes back then.
Vanessa: Well I was in two frames of mind at the time - but it was the best decision I've ever made and one that I'll never forget.

: Did you see the barman's face when I told him my age - he thought I was just 21!
Richard: Well in these clothes we're young again!
Vanessa: (Laughs) Me, maybe, but not you. He thought you were in your later twenties.
Richard: Yeah, well, you're as young as you feel and I feel 18 again!

Vanessa: It is great getting out again and having some fun. We should come here again.
Richard: Except next time we should get clothes that fit - this shirt's a bit tight around the neck.
Vanessa: Mine fits perfectly - no size problems at all.
Richard: Apart from the oversized bow on your back.
Vanessa: Hey! My bow's funky!
Richard: Yeah... 10 years ago maybe.
Vanessa: Just like your stripey jacket then.

Lauren: Paula seems like a real nice woman. She should fit right into the area.
Kerry: Yeah, definitely. We should invite them over for a meal sometime just to get to know them better.
Lauren: Yeah. I haven't seen her husband yet though. From what she's told us though he sounds like a very decent bloke. And she sounds so in love with him.
Kerry: Speaking of love, we're still going out next week, right?
Lauren: Definitely. I'm really wanting to find someone soon. If I haven't found someone by Christmas I was thinking of signing up to one of those online dating services.
Kerry: Lauren, honey, I know you're desperate but you can't be that desperate. (Laughs)
Lauren: (Laughs) I was being serious! I really want someone I can have a serious relationship with.
Kerry: Well hopefully this time next year it will be your turn to get married.
Lauren: Unless you get married to Dave again. (Laughs).
Kerry: Lauren! (Laughs) This is only our second time... but it's not my fault we split up and got back together again last year.
Lauren: You know I was only kidding. Anyway thanks for being such a great help when I need it. You're my best friend.
Kerry: And Dave aside, you're my best friend too.