Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 4 - Cant Get Over

Vanessa: Lauren, I'll have a glass of orange juice. I have a doctors appointment at 10.15am and I can't be late.
Lauren: Coming right up.
Kerry: Is everything alright?
Vanessa: Oh yeah, everything's fine, I'm sure. It's just a check up. Being at the hospital last night reminded me of how long it had been since I was last there. Anyway, what are your plans for today?
Kerry: Well I'm hanging around here for a few hours this morning while Dave's at work. He'll be home by lunch. We plan on shopping this afternoon before the leaving party for Rik this evening.
Vanessa: Leaving party? For Rik?
Lauren: Yes, Rik has decided to move out - he's moving to the country, just outside Lakeside.
Vanessa: Seems very abrupt - any reason why?
Lauren: For love. His ex-girlfriend and mother of his child called last night and wants him back. He's decided to give it another go. The party was a very last minute thing - everyone's invited though.
Vanessa: I'll make sure I pop in. And I'll try and get Richard and a few others to come along too.
Lauren: That'll be nice, thanks.
Vanessa: Yeah. Anyway, I'd better be heading off. Doctor's appointments to catch and other things to do. I'll see you girls tonight.

Kate: Dave... what's up? Your not in work clothes. Is something wrong?
Dave: I've quit, Kate.
Kate: Your job?
Dave: Yes. I've quit - I'm packing up my things now and I'll be gone by the afternoon.
Kate: But why? What's brought this along?
Dave: You, Kate. You've made me quit. You see, our whole love affair was pointless and completely wrong. It's made me realise just how much I love Kerry. We have a marriage and a baby to look forward too and I don't want to scupper it all up through one stupid mistake.
Kate: So that's all we were? A stupid mistake?
Dave: Kate, we've been through this. What happened between us was wrong. We were both unhappy with our lives and we found comfort with one another. But now I've seen the good in life - the things I have to look forward to.
Kate: But now I don't have anything to look forward to. The soft touch of you lips against mine was one of the things that made waking up in the morning and coming to work a good thing. I'll miss that. And I'll miss you.
Dave: Whilst it was wrong, there's no denying it was good.

Kate: So you admit, you enjoyed it?
Dave: It was something to look forward to, yes.
Kate: Then it can't have been something pointless then.
Dave: Perhaps not. But if our secret had been discovered and my life with Kerry ruined, then yes, it would have been pointless.
Kate: I'm glad you can admit it wasn't totally worthless. We had feelings for each other - that cannot be denied. I think now I can come to terms with this. Dave, it's been nice knowing you, nice kissing you, and definitely nice having woohoo with you.
Dave: My thoughts are similar... almost.
Kate: (Laughs) I know you feel exactly the same.
Dave: I guess this is goodbye then?
Kate: One last kiss perhaps?
Dave: Go on then.

Lauren: I can't believe you're actually going to live with Lexi, Rik. The woman who has ditched you twice already. I find it somewhat strange that you're having a relationship with this woman for the third time.
Rik: Third time lucky, maybe.
Lauren: Well I hope so for you. I'm planning on changing this room into my pink boudoir. I don't want you coming back and wanting to move in.
Rik: (Laughs) Why thanks. (!) I thought you were maybe hoping for my relationship to work because you cared for me...
Lauren: You know I'll miss you, Rik.
Rik: So much that as soon as I'm out the door you'll be tearing out my bedroom.
Lauren: It's not like I'll do it immediately. Maybe leave it a few days or so. (Laughs). Anyway, I do really hope that it works out for you.
Rik: Thanks sis.

Rik: Is that what you're wearing tonight?
Lauren: Yes, do you like it?
Rik: Yeah it suits you. So yes, I do like it.
Lauren: What'll you be wearing tonight?
Rik: Probably just this.
Lauren: What? C'mon, you have to make an effort. It's your leaving party!
Rik: I'll see what I can throw on. Don't be surprised if I turn up like this though.
Lauren: I expect you will anyway so I'm not going to care. Anyway, if you can't get all of your things into your suitcase or car then just leave them here and I can take them to you tomorrow.
Rik: Thanks.
Lauren: No problem. Anyhow, I'm heading off to get changed back into my normal clothes. I was just trying it on to see if it stills fits. I'll see you later tonight.
Rik: Okay, see you later.

: Wow, this place is quite full considering you didn't have time to send out invitations or anything.
Lauren: Yeah. I think most of the people are just random people off of the street though. (Laughs).
Kerry: The more the merrier though!
Lauren: Yeah. I see Vanessa turned up with Richard.
Kerry: Yes, I've seen them. She says hi.
Lauren: I'll try and speak to her later tonight. First though, despite this being a leaving party for Rik, I'm still searching for love. Have you seen anybody nice?

Kerry: What about that guy that Dave's talking to?
Lauren: Hmm... he looks a bit plain though.
Kerry: You're desperate though. And you're not allowed to be fussy when you're desperate.
Lauren: Well, I guess looking on the bright side he's not that bad - I could do a lot worse!
Kerry: I'll ask Dave later tonight what he's like. Then we might introduce you to him if he's still around.
Lauren: Seen anyone else?
Kerry: No, every other bloke is either already with another woman I think.

Kerry: Hi honey... I need to talk to you.
Dave: Sure, go ahead.
Kerry: Lauren's on the look for love and you were talking to some bloke earlier on.
Dave: Which one?
Kerry: The one in the white shirt.
: Ahh, Kelvin. Yeah what about him?
Kerry: What's he like? Is her Lauren's type?
: The good news is that he's single. Don't know if he's Lauren's type though. He's a good lad - very intelligent. He works in the building down from where I used to work. He's easy going and up for a laugh.
Kerry: Sounds good enough for Lauren. I'll introduce them to each other later tonight.
Dave: Alright.
Kerry: Anyway, can I get you anything from the bar? I'm dying to get drunk tonight since I haven't been in ages.
Dave: No, I'm alright. I'm just heading off to the toilet... I'll see you later.

Dave: Kate?! What are you...?
Kate: We need to talk, Dave.

Dave: Kerry might see you. How did you get in here? Wha...?
Kate: Enough with the questions, Dave. I thought I'd see you tonight here. We need to talk, in private. I have something ever so important to show you.
Dave: Alright, I guess. I'll meet you upstairs in about 10 minutes. First though, how did you know I'd be here?
Kate: I'm not stupid, Dave, I know you live here and I knew you'd eventually come to the toilet. I've been waiting in here - hiding in the cubicles just in case I was spotted.
Dave: Well you found me. Well done. Now just go into the hallway and up the stairs. I'm desperate for the toilet - get out and make sure Kerry doesn't see you.

Lauren: Rik! What did I tell you about your clothes?
Rik: I thought you didn't care?
Lauren: It's your leaving party.
Rik: And you know I don't like making a fuss. I didn't want one.
Lauren: Just be grateful there are people who care about you enough to throw you one.
Rik: Yeah, it is nice. It's been a good evening.
Lauren: Very good! Kerry and Dave are introducing me to this bloke, Kelvin. He seems nice from what they've said.
Rik: Wow... go you! You'll have to tell me all about it in the morning.
Lauren: Well, I'll tell you as much as I can. Depends on exactly what happens tonight.
Rik: Just enjoy yourself, whatever happens.
Lauren: You too.

Dave: So come on... what is this whole thing about?
Kate: What's the matter?
Dave: You've come barging into my house after we had a really good goodbye this morning.
Kate: This is why I'm here Dave. Because this morning was pointless.
Dave: Kate, please explain, I'm not following you.
Kate: Sit down.

Kate: This morning, the whole goodbye incident. What did you think of it?
Dave: It was a nice way to end our relationship I guess.
Kate: Yes, it was nice. But it was not the end of our relationship.
: Huh?
Kate: How much do you value your relationship with Kerry?
Dave: Very much.
Kate: Then you won't want me to tell her about us.
Dave: You've already tried that and you got nowhere. But where on earth are you going with all of this?
Kate: Dave, our affair isn't over yet.
Dave: Oh yes it is. And you can't make me love you.
Kate: I can't. But I can drag our affair out for longer.
Dave: No way. Nothing you say to me will make our relationship last longer. And nothing you say to Kerry will convince her that we were ever together.
Kate: Maybe nothing I say will convince either of you. But showing her and you something might...

Kate: Watch this.
Dave: Kate! That's us!

Dave: I'm speechless.
Kate: CCTV footage from this morning.
Dave: How? Why?
Kate: Because if you stop our affair I'll show the video to Kerry.
Dave: That's blackmail.
Kate: Ooh, aren't you clever?
Dave: I'll destroy the tape.
Kate: Do what you want with it. I have several copies. (Laughs).
Dave: You're pathetic. Kerry was right - you're obsessed and deluded.
Kate: Just the way you like me.
Dave: Just get outta here.
Kate: I'll see you tomorrow at work.
Dave: I've quit.
Kate: Not anymore you haven't...

Lauren: Hey you.
Kerry: Hiyaaaa Laurrrren!
Lauren: You're slurring your words, Kerry.
Kerry: I'm a bit...... drunk.
Lauren: It's evident. Anyw...
Kerry: And I just want to say how much... how much... how much of a good friend you are.
Lauren: Thank you. Now listen, Kerry....
Kerry: Now come here youuuuu!

Lauren: If you insist then!

Kerry: Now give me a kiss hotlips!

Lauren: WHOA!! Kerry!