Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 5 - Colour Me In

: Morning, Kerry.
Kerry: Er, hi Lauren. You're up early.
Lauren: I'd say the same about you but it doesn't look like you've been to bed. (Laughs)
Kerry: I've had a lot of thinking to do, y'know, about last night. I'm sorry about... about... about trying to kiss you. I don't know what came over me. I made such a fool of myself.
Lauren: It's alright Kerry, you were drunk. Very drunk. I've forgotten all about it.
Kerry: Really? You seemed really shocked last night.
Lauren: Well I wasn't expecting my engaged straight best friend to plant a kiss on me.
Kerry: I haven't spoken to Dave yet - what do you think he'll say?
Lauren: Nothing much I imagine. I doubt he'll see it as being a big deal . Anyway, what time did you get in last night?
Kerry: I got in at about 3am - I found Dave fast asleep on the sofa so I put him to bed before staying up to watch TV and wander around downstairs. I couldn't sleep.
Lauren: Kerry, nobody thinks anything more of what happened last night. It was a stupid, pointless, drunken incident.
Kerry: You've really forgotten about it?
Lauren: Yes, I have.

Kelvin: Laure... oh, hi Kerry. Didn't expect everyone else to be up so early.
Kerry: Kelvin? Kelvin, Kelvin. Who... what are you... what are you doing here?
Lauren: Kelvin and I got talking after you left, Kerry.
Kelvin: Well it was more than talking, Lauren.
Lauren: Yes, things went a bit far.
Kerry: Ah, well, hmm, okay then.
Lauren: You okay, Kerry?
Kerry: Fine, fine, absolutely fine. I just need to sleep. I'm shattered.
Kelvin: Well, anyway, Lauren, can I use your shower. I have work at 7am and won't have time to have one if I pop home.
Lauren: Yeah, sure, go ahead.

: It's nice out here.
Richard: Yeah. We rarely sit outside, we should do it more often.
Vanessa: I doubt we'll be able to with the winter coming up.
Richard: Listen, Vanessa, we need to talk about something.
Vanessa: What about, Rich?
Richard: I've been thinking... do you think we should start trying for a baby again?
Vanessa: Um, I'm not sure, Rich.
Richard: You still want to have kids right? That's what we spoke about before moving - when we were settled into our new home we'd try and have a family.
Vanessa: I dunno. I just don't fell like now's a good time.
Richard: Vanessa, honey, what's up?
Vanessa: I'm fine Rich, seriously.
Richard: I thought you always wanted kids

Vanessa: Can't we just leave this topic?
Richard: No, I don't think we should. I thought you wanted to have kids - why not anymore?
Vanessa: I do want to have kids, eventually. I'm just not sure now's the right time.
Richard: I don't understand your point of view - we're settled into our new home, I have a secure job, we have plenty of money.
Vanessa: I know. But I just don't feel like it.
Richard: Vanessa, honey, if the problem likes with our relationship then please tell me. I thought we were doing fine recently.
Vanessa: We are - everything's great.
Richard: Do you still love me?
Vanessa: What? What kind of question is that?
Richard: Do you still love me? Answer the question.
Vanessa: Yes, of course I do. Just because I don't want kids doesn't mean I don't love you anymore. Please, lets just leave this whole baby thing alone.

Kate: I thought I'd find you here.
Dave: I'm trying to enjoy my lunch, Kate. And I'd enjoy it even more if I was alone.
Kate: Don't be like that Dave.
Dave: What? Do you want me to send you flowers, give you kisses? Treat you like my lover?
Kate: I just want us to be together.
Dave: Well there's a slim chance of that happening after your act last night. Kate, I'm with Kerry and you're just going to have to accept that.
Kate: Then why did you sign back up for work?
Dave: Because if I didn't you'd show that damn tape to Kerry.
Kate: Alright, so if I told you to dump Kerry or I would show her the tape, then what you do?
Dave: I don't know - I guess I'd be in a lose/lose situation.
Kate: Don't worry, I'm just testing you. I won't really ask you to do anything drastic like that. Anyway,. what are your plans for tonight?
Dave: Me and Kerry will be at the pub, probably.

Kate: Kerry might be, you won't.
Dave: Oh yeah, and why's that?
Kate: Because you're going to phone Kerry right now and tell her you're working late.
Dave: I told her I'd be home by 1pm - I'm having a half day.
Kate: Oh, well you can tell her you won't be having a half day as well.
Dave: Kate, I'll be civil to you and I'll do little things you want doing but I will not be your slave.
Kate: Okay, fine. If that's the way you want to be then so be it. Just don't be surprised if that video tape makes an appearance.
Dave: You wouldn't dare.
Kate: Try me.
Dave: I will then. I'm not carrying out every one of your pathetic little demands. If you want to show Kerry or anyone else that tape then do it. I'd rather be single than be your slave!

Kate: Fine, we can have it your way. Enjoy your night with Kerry, Dave. Just don't be surprised if your life suddenly takes a turn for the worse.
Dave: It just did - when you started blackmailing me.
Kate: If you think that was bad then you should just wait and see what I've got planned. See you later Davey-boy.

Vanessa: Richard, everything's fine with me, I can assure you. You didn't really need to take me out for a meal. I still love you and I do want kids at one point in my life.
Richard: It's nice to hear that. But this meal isn't just about today; we rarely go out to restaurants. I thought it would make a nice change from cooking or popping down to the chippie.
Vanessa: It sure is. Thanks.
Richard: No problem.
Vanessa: Are you still mad about this morning?
Richard: Mad? I wasn't mad, just a little upset. I thought we'd start trying for a baby as soon as we'd settled in.
Vanessa: We'll have kids one day, Rich. I haven't given up on the idea.
Richard: That's very good to hear.

Lauren: So Dave. Did Kerry tell you about last nights little incident.
Dave: No... what happened?
Lauren: Kerry tried to kiss me!
Kerry: I was drunk! And thanks Lauren (!)
Dave: Really? Damn... I wish I could have seen that.
Lauren: Nothing happened, Dave. I shoved her away.
Dave: Just ruin the fantasy then! (Laughs)
Kerry: Dave! (Laughs)

Dave: So, you up for an early night tonight?
Kerry: Nah, I slept for ages this morning and afternoon - I want some fun tonight!
Dave: Okay we can have it your way then.
Kerry: The way we always have it then.
Dave: Oi. I ain't no pushover.
Kerry: I know you're not. Oh, and by the way, you'll need to start sorting out our wedding. I have minimal organisation skills.
Dave: To be honest we don't have much planned already. Apart from perhaps the date.
Kerry: Christmas eve, Christmas day or Valentines day.
Dave: I quite like the idea of Christmas day. Valentines day would be a bit cheesy if you know what I mean?
Kerry: But we married for the first time on Christmas day in 2004. It could be a bit awkward.
Dave: Yeah, I see what you mean.
Kerry: We could always go for...

Lauren: Kerry, Dave. Here comes Kate.
Kate: Hiya!
Kerry: Oh for goodness sake!
Lauren: Kerry, don't do anything stupid.

Kerry: I thought I made it clear to you a week or so ago that you were to leave Dave and myself alone.
Kate: Whatever gave you that thought?
Kerry: Kate, please. We are trying to have a quiet evening here. We don't want any fuss.
Kate: But I want to see Dave - my secret boyfriend. We're still having that affair by the way.
Kerry: (Laughs) You really are deluded. Why can't you leave us alone - you're not welcome here.
Kate: You can insult me all you wish - it won't make your problems disappear, honey. And love, have you ever wondered why Dave is so work obsessed?
Kerry: The name's Kerry. Not love or honey. And Dave signed back up at work because he realised he made a mistake quitting.
Kate: He realised he still cared for me.
Kerry: Whatever.
Kate: I have proof.
Kerry: What did you do? Cut two pictures of Dave and yourself up and stick them together?
: No, it's a video. A CCTV video.
Kerry: You know what Kate. I don't give a damn. Fake or not you can stuff your video and you can stuff this!

Kerry: Yeah, you just walk out that door and don't come back. You're barred!

Dave: You were fantastic.
Kerry: She deserved it. She's really horrid. I've never met anyone who makes my bloody boil so much.
Dave: I'm fed up with it too, Kerry. I don't know why she insists on it. I can swear to you that nothing has every happened between Kate and I. We're just work colleagues and that's it. That's as far as it goes.
Kerry: Oh Dave, don't worry. I know you'd never fall for a poor soul like her.

Paula: Henry, darling, how are you feeling now that we've settled in?
Henry: Fine - the move has went really well. Work's great and so is this neighbourhood. I think we made the right decision.
Paula: You made the right decision. I was always against moving. I'm glad we did move though.
Henry: We'd probably be homeless otherwise.
Paula: There is one thing this whole experience has told me.
Henry: And what would that be my dear?
Paula: We need to change our lifestyle.
Henry: Could you please elaborate?
Paula: We're quite old fashioned aren't we? We could do with a bit of modernising. I was watching one of those makeover shows last night and they totally transformed a couple like us. I think we should go for it.
Henry: And do what exactly?
Paula: Change our image, start living a better life, get fitter, get a better woohoo life.
Henry: I suppose we could - where do we start?
Paula: Clothes - we could go shopping at the weekend for a totally new wardrobe.

Vanessa: It's been an excellent evening.
Richard: Absolutely brilliant. We should go out to restaurants more often.
Vanessa: Totally - the food was amazing.
Richard: Oh yeah. The best ever.
Vanessa: And I love how romantic this is: hugging in the park under the moonlight. It really sets you in the mood.
Richard: It does. It's such a warm night as well.
Vanessa: Well it is for October. (Laughs)
Richard: (Laughs)
Vanessa: Listen, Rich. I think I've been a bit weird today. I don't know why but I was a bit off this morning. I'd love to still have kids with you. And I guess we can start trying for as soon as you want to.
Richard: You have no idea how happy that makes me feel.