Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 6 - Do You Understand?


23rd March 1992 - 7.31pm
It's the early nineties. Kate Thomas is a 21 year old secretary who lives with her boyfriend of 2 years, Rudi James in the town of Veronaville.
: You've tarted yourself up nicely. It's only a work party you're going to.
: I know... but I have to make an effort. They'll be expecting me to look nice.
: Nice or tarty?
: Oi, I thought you liked this dress.
: I do. I'd like it even more if I was taking it off you right now.
: Not now Rudi, I have to be there by 8pm.
Rudi: What time will you be back?
Kate: Midnight at earliest I imagine. The last work party I went to went on until early morning.
: Okay, I'll probably be in bed when you get home. Wake me if you want a little fun.
Kate: I will... if I'm not that drunk.
Rudi: Alright. I'll see you later, honey. Bye.
Kate: See you later.

Rudi: Hi, Leona.
Leona: Hi, is everything ready Rudi?
Rudi: Yeah. Kate left 10 minutes or so ago to go to the party and I've just finished throwing my stuff into a box. It's all I could find, the suitcases must be in the attic.
Leona: Alright, boxes will do. Go get together all of your money and any other possessions. I'll be around at 8.45pm to pick you and your stuff up.
Rudi: Yeah, okay.
Leona: You are still in aren't you? You aren't having second thoughts?
Rudi: Second thoughts? Hell no. I'm leaving Kate tonight. Trust me, she's psychotic, an absolute mad woman. I can't wait to be with you.

Kate: Oh shoot! I've forgotten my purse!

Rudi: Okay, I'll see you later love. B...
Kate: Rudi?
Rudi: Kate? Wha..?
Kate: Who's that on the phone?
Rudi: Listen, I can explain, Kate.
Kate: You've packed your stuff haven't you? That box..
Rudi: This isn't what it looks like Kate, trust me.
Leona: Rudi...? Rudi...? Hello...?
Kate: A woman. I hear a woman on the end of that phone.
Leona: Rudi... is someone with you?
Kate: Rudi... please explain.
Leona: Rudi? I'll be around at 8.45pm to pick you up. Do you hear me? We are still leaving SimCity tonight?
Rudi: Listen, Kate.
Kate: That's her, isn't it? Leona. You told me she was just work client.
Rudi: She is.... listen, honey.
Kate: And correct me if I'm wrong, but she said "leaving SimCity."
Rudi: Kate... don't be like this. Look, where are you going?

Rudi: A gun?! What are you doing with that?
Kate: I keep it stored in the back of the closet for emergencies.
Rudi: C'mon, Kate. Lets just be reasonable here. You know I wouldn't leave you!
Kate: I warned you. I warned you that I'd kill you if you ever hurt me again.
Rudi: You were hardly being serious. And it's not like your capable of murder. You may be a mad woma...

Rudi: Kate!

Kate: Still think I'm not capable of murder, Rudi?



Wednesday 11th October, 3.46am
Dave and Kerry are asleep at their home.
Dave: Who on Earth is calling us at this time in the morning?
Kerry: It had better not be that Kate woman. I tell you...

Dave: Hello?
Kate: Dave? Dave, is that you? I must have called the wrong number - I was trying to phone David. Oops, my mistake.
Dave: Kate, don't joke around.
Kerry: Well what do you know?
Dave: Goodbye Kate. Do not phone us again at this time. (Hangs up)
Kerry: If she pulls another stunt like that I'll get a restraining order or something like that put on her. Crazy woman.
Dave: She does seem to be going a little over the top lately.
Kerry: Just a little?
Dave: Well, maybe a lot.
Kerry: Yeah, that's more like it. I don't why you're such a pushover with her. She may be your work boss but that doesn't give her a right to push you around like some dog. It's almost like she's got something over you. Like she's blackmailing you. (Laughs).
Dave: It certainly isn't that. (Laughs). I'll try not to let her push her weight around anymore. Anyway, back to bed, it's not even 4am.

: So how are you this morning? I heard the phone going off this morning.
Kerry: Yeah, it was her. Kate.
Lauren: You need to get something done about her.
Kerry: Don't worry, I will - especially if she continues to hassle us.
Lauren: She does sound like quite crazed
Kerry: Oh she is! I've never hated anyone more in my life.
Lauren: Wow... you must hate her.
Kerry: I do. Anyway, I have some big news. I haven't told Dave yet - I'm planning on telling him tonight - he's taking me out for a meal at a really fancy restaurant.
Lauren: What is it? What's the big news?
Kerry: I'm pregnant.
Lauren: Kerry that's brilliant. How long?
Kerry: A month. I can't wait to tell Dave. I also need to tell him that we need the wedding earlier or later than originally planned. I don't want to get married while heavily pregnant. (Kerry's phone rings.) I better get that.

Kerry: Hiya Dave, what's up?
Dave: Hi Kerry. You know tonight - our meal? We'll have to cancel... Kate has just dumped a whole load of assignments on my desk. I'm going to have to pull an all nighter. There's tonnes to do and it's for the end of tomorrow.
Kerry: But, Dave. Is there no way out of it?
Dave: No. I've already been warned that I either do the work or leave.
Kerry: Then you should just quit... again.
Dave: I know, but we need the money right now more than ever - especially with the wedding and stuff.
Kerry: I had something important to tell you as well.
Dave: Tell me now.
Kerry: I can't - it's big. I'll tell you whenever you get home.
Dave: I'll be at the pub for lunch... how about then?
Kerry: No, this is big news. I need to tell you quite a few things and we need to talk them over. It can wait though. I'll speak to you later, yeah? Bye.

Lauren: That didn't sound too good.
Kerry: No, it wasn't. Anyway, not to worry. I guess I have another evening to myself then.
Lauren: Don't be downhearted - you always have to think of the glass being half full.
Kerry: That's near impossible to do when you know your fiancé is spending the night with a woman you hate.
Lauren: Look on the bright side - you get stuck with me in here tonight.
Kerry: I can hardly contain myself (!)
Lauren: You can help look out for a potential boyfriend for me.
Kerry: What happened to Kelvin?
Lauren: He was a complete jerk. I phoned him last week and he didn't reply. When he eventually replied all I got was a "er, I'm not sure we were good together." Idiot.
Kerry: Aww, don't worry too much. I'm sure there will be someone someday.

Vanessa is at home alone.
Vanessa: Richard, I'm sorry, but I have to do this.

: You haven't seen Kerry going around here, Richard?
Richard: No, haven't seen her at all. I only came in 10 minutes ago though. Is something up?
Dave: No, no. Just needed a chat with her, that's all.
Richard: Ah, very well. It's unusual to see you around here at lunchtime anyway.
Dave: I managed to escape the work office for lunch.
Richard: Oh that's right. Vanessa mentioned something about you and your boss, Kate.
Dave: Yeah, she's a bit dominating and slightly crazy.
Richard: Yes, I've heard from Vanessa. Hey, what's her last name? Vanessa mentioned it briefly the other day and it rang a bell.
Dave: Thomas. Her name's Kate Thomas.
Richard: That does sound familiar. Did she use to live in Veronaville?
Dave: She comes from that area, yeah. Why? Do you know her already?
Richard: No, I just remember hearing that name in the newspapers. Can't remember why though.



21st July 1995, 5.34pm
Kate Thomas killed her boyfriend in 1992 and is currently serving an 8 year prison sentence.
Lou: So, what are you in here for?
Kate: I shot and killed my boyfriend.
Lou: Nice. What did he do?
Kate: He was planning on leaving me for another woman. I came home unexpectedly one night and caught him on the phone to his lover. He had already packed his stuff and was ready to run away.
Lou: The man sounds like he deserves it.
Kate: He did. I'm being hypocritical though. I was planning on leaving him at some point anyway. That's what the gun was for. I was gonna shoot him one night and make it look like suicide.
Lou: Your relationship sounds, um, interesting seeing as you both wanted rid of each other. How long are you in here for?
Kate: 8 years. I've been in here for 3 though so I'm almost half way through my sentence.

Lou: You'll miss the Millennium celebrations then?
Kate: I expect so, unless I get an early release.
Lou: Hopefully then. It's going to be the biggest party ever.
Kate: So you'll be seeing it then?
Lou: Yeah. I'm only serving 2 years. I attacked a pub owner when I was drunk. I smashed a glass bottle on the back of their head.
Kate: Ouch. That must have hurt.
Lou: It did. I can still here her piercing scream when I think about it.
Kate: (Laughs) Well, I wish I was only serving 2 years. In fact I wish I'd never been caught in the first place. I should have ran away or something. I did manage to hide the gun I used though. They never ever found that.
Lou: Why did you hide the gun if you knew you would be caught?
Kate: I don't know... it could come in useful again in the future.


Wednesday 11th October, 11.45pm
Vanessa has just got into her and is driving out of Sim Street.

Richard has just got home from the pub.
Richard: Vanessa? Vanessa, honey? Are you in? Our car's not outside.

Lying on the table, Richard has found a letter from Vanessa.
: Huh?


I never thought I'd find myself writing a goodbye letter, especially one to you; my husband, my soul mate, my best friend. I don't know where to begin - I guess saying sorry would be a good way. Sorry that I have to put you through reading this.

Hearing the truth can sometimes never be easy and this is one of those moments. Richard, this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It breaks my heart. Saying goodbye is never easy and is something I've never liked doing - you'll know that. This is the cowards way out and I know it

I have tears running down my face at this point, this is so difficult to say. This letter may seem extremely random but for me it has to be done. At this moment in my life I have to say goodbye to you. It could be months, it could be years. It could even be forever. Why, I hear you ask? That is something I shall not disclose. I do not want the pain to be any greater than it already is.

Even though you may not want to for a while, you may move on with your life without feeling like you're betraying the one you love. I do love you Richard. And you love me. But this, despite being incredibly selfish, has to be done to benefit both of us in the long run.

Richard, you are the other half of me, my best friend, my soul mate, my everything.

Love you always,

Richard: (Sobs) Why?