Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 7 - Make Up

NOTE: Unfortunately, most of episode 7 has gone missing and the below 3 scenes are all that remain.

Over 10 years ago, Lauren Hill was attacked in a pub by a woman, Lou Parker. The pair have never seen each other since the incident, until now...
: I was just looking for someone and thought you could help me.
Lauren: Help you? You must be out of your mind!
Lou: Oh come on. Haven't you forgiven me? It was over a decade ago when I hit you - and I was drunk.
Lauren: I don't care - you still nearly killed me! Just get out of my pub now.
Lou: I'm only looking for a friend - Kate. I met her in prison and I heard she live around here now. I just want to catch up with her.
Lauren: I don't know anyone called Kate, okay? There's your answer. Now just get out of my pub.

Richard: Lauren? Are you okay? I heard screaming earlier on.
Lauren: Oh it was nothing. Just a stupid customer who wouldn't get out. She's gone now.
Richard: Are you okay?
Lauren: A bit shaken up, that's all.

Richard: Aww, come here.
: Thanks Richard.