Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 8 - Falling (Part 1)

Lauren: Good morning Richard.
Richard: What..? I mean, morning. Erm.
Lauren: It's quarter to 6, Richard. You told me to wake you up early since you're working today.
Richard: Oh, did I? I can't remember much about last night.
Lauren: Yes, you were a little drunk.
Richard: All I remember is chatting to you in a restaurant, walking home and then kissing you.
Lauren: Yeah, that happened.
Richard: Anything else?
Lauren: Well you were emotional and we spoke a bit more in the pub about life and...
Richard: We didn't...?
Lauren: Oh no! That kiss was just a one off thing, I think we both got caught up in the moment - and who can blame us considering our love lives at the moment, eh? No, we just spoke and it got kinda late and you were feeling a bit depressed so I said you could stay here for the night. Anyway, breakfast will be ready shortly. I've just away to make some omelettes.

: Are you feeling any better?
Richard: The hangover isn't so bad now I've showered and taken some headache pills. I'll still be heading into work though.
Lauren: Remember about tonight - it's Dave's stag night.
Richard: I know, I don't have much planned though. Dave said he didn't want to make a big fuss so I think we're just going to head into town and go to a few pubs and clubs. He wasn't keen on a proper stag do.
Lauren: Yeah, Kerry's the same. They've all ready had a proper stag and hen night when they first got married in 2004.
Richard: So what are you planning for Kerry?
Lauren: Pretty much the same as you - hitting the town. We're meeting up here first though.
Richard: So who's going with you and Kerry?
Lauren: Just Paula. As I said, Kerry isn't wanting a big deal made over it. Who's going with you?
Richard: There'll be Dave, Rik, Henry and myself.

: You look stunning.
Kerry: Really? You don't think it's a big much for a hen night?
Lauren: No. It looks great, really.
Kerry: Thanks. I'm so nervous, though.
Lauren: Why?
Kerry: About the wedding and everything.
Lauren: You're not having second thoughts are you?
Kerry: No, no, no. I'm just thinking about Kate.
Lauren: What about her? She hasn't said anything?
Kerry: Not recently, no. I just hope that her and Dave haven't been having an affair. And I don't want her turning up today, on the wedding day, or any other day in the future.
Lauren: Dave has promised you nothing has ever happened. I believe him and so did you up until now.
Kerry: I know but I've just been thinking.
Lauren: Well stop it! We're supposed to be having a good time tonight. We're just waiting for Paula to arrive.

Lauren: Wow, you look fantastic, Paula.
Paula: Thanks. I wouldn't normally wear something so... revealing, but Henry and I are undergoing  a bit of a lifestyle makeover at the moment.
Kerry: Well you're certainly heading in the right direction.
Lauren: And that dress is quite far from being "revealing". Kerry's here, on the other hand...
Kerry: Oi... you said...
Lauren: I'm only kidding. (Laughs) Paula, could you go into the fridge and take out a bottle of champagne, please.
Paula: Certainly.
Kerry: Oh, and a bottle of lemonade - I can't drink the champagne since I'm pregnant.

Paula: To Kerry and Dave. Cheers.
All: Cheers.

: Oh hey Richard. How was tonight?
Richard: It was alright. And yours?
Lauren: Yeah, we had fun.
Richard: So did we - seeing Henry drunk was hilarious as well.
Lauren: I thought he didn't drink alcohol.
Richard: Well he definitely was tonight. (Laughs) Rik's just had to take him home - he could hardly walk.
Lauren: (Laughs) Oh dear. None of us were really that bad, well Kerry couldn't be since she can't drink alcohol but Paula and I only had a few drinks. And how was Dave?
Richard: He was okay. A bit nervous and on edge.
Lauren: That's understandable. He was probably just worried in case Kate decided to make an appearance. Thankfully, she hasn't tonight.
Richard: Y'know something funny? I was talking with Dave the other day and he mentioned her full name and I was sure I had heard it before. Turns out Kate used to live in the same neighbourhood as Vanessa and myself in the early nineties.
Lauren: How weird. Were you close?
Richard: No. I never spoke to her which is why I'm surprised that I know of her name. I'm sure there were something.
Lauren: What? You mean like she did something and was in the local press.
Richard: Perhaps. My memories a bit crap.
Lauren: Oh! I think I might know! There was a woman in the pub yesterday - she asked for Kate. Said they met in prison!
Richard: That could well be it. I can't remember why though.

Lauren and Richard have went to Richard's house.
: You can find anything on the Internet. Just use a search engine.
Richard: How is her last name spelt?
Lauren: It's Thomas. T-h-o-m-a-s.
Richard: There's a load of things coming up but nothing relating to her.
Lauren: Put her name in quotation marks and then search again.
Richard: No I can't see anything again. Remember, this happened in the nineties. It might not even be online.
Lauren: Go onto the second page.
Richard: Alright.
Lauren: There! There's an article!
Richard: Okay, it's opening...
Lauren: Oh my God... she killed someone.
Richard: Ah yes, it's coming back to me now.
Lauren: And look, it says the weapon - a gun - was never found! She might still have it.

: Hey you. Did you have fun tonight?
Dave: Yeah, it was great just being out with the lads and having a laugh. How was your night?
Kerry: Good, could've been a bit better if I'd had a drink in me. I was just a bit tense and stuff.
Dave: Yeah, me too.
Kerry: I can't wait until the weekend when I'll be Kerry Land again.
Dave: It sure is going to be great.
Kerry: Has Lauren told you where we're going for our honeymoon?
Dave: She hasn't told you either?
Kerry: No. She booked it last week but is refusing to tell me where. She says she'll hand us the tickets on our wedding day.
Dave: I hope it's somewhere nice and warm.
Kerry: It will be - that's one thing I know. She sai...

Kate: Kerry. Dave. I thought I'd find you here.
Kerry: Oh no. No, no, no, no, no. Go aw...
Kate: No. Not this time. It's about time that all three of us had a serious talk.