Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 9 - Falling (Part 2)

Lauren: I'll have to tell Dave and Kerry about Kate's past in the morning.
Richard: What do you think they'll say?
Lauren: Oh Dave will probably quit his job for good and I imagine Kerry will go to the police.
Richard: But Kate killed that person over 10 years ago.
Lauren: Oh I know, but Kerry wants a restraining order put on Kate. She's been hassling Dave and Kerry for months.
Richard: Ah, I see. Anyway, would you mind staying for a while? I know it's late and all but...
Lauren: You're still feeling lonely and need someone to talk to?
Richard: Yeah, something like that.
Lauren: Go and put on the kettle, then.

: Kate, can't you just understand that Dave and myself just don't want to hear from you again, ever?
Kate: It's not like I want to do this either. If I could go back in  time I would never, ever have started an affair with Dave, here.
Kerry: Oh, here we go again. It's the affair that never happened.
Kate: And no offence Dave, it's not that you weren't good or anything - I just didn't know that your bitch of a fiancé would be dragged into this mess.
Dave: Kate, please, just go. Kerry's right, we don't want to hear from you again.
Kate: But I'll see you at work. You can't get rid of me forever, whatever you do.
Dave: I'm quitting. I've considered the options and I'd rather be penniless than work for you.
Kerry: (Laughs) You see, Kate, you aren't getting anywhere with your affair story. Can't you just leave us alone.
Kate: To put it bluntly, no.
Kerry: Why? Why won't you just go?
Kate: Because, Kerry, that man you're marrying betrayed you. He had an affair behind your back and I don't want you to get hurt. He's hurting you, Kerry. Can't you see that?
Kerry: (Laughs) I've heard it all now. You really are deluded.

Dave: We've been over this a million times before, Kate.
Kerry: Your whole act is becoming tiresome.
Dave: We're on the verge of approaching the police. Some kind of restraining order would come in handy.
Kerry: Anything to stop you hassling us.
Kate: If anyone should have a restraining order put on them it's you, Dave. You just can't keep your hands off of me.
Kerry: Now you really are taking the...
Kate: I don't joke around, Kerry. I speak words of truth.
Kerry: I'll believe that when I start hearing it.

Kate: Kerry, what would it take to make you believe me?
Kerry: Nothing you say or do...
Kate: I'm being serious. Lets say Dave did have an affair... what would it take to make you believe it?
Kerry: But Dave wouldn't do that... we're happy together.
Kate: And you say I'm deluded? Kerry, open you eyes and see the truth for once in your God damn life.
Kerry: Dave did not have an affair.
Kate: He did.
Kerry: Kate, since you can't prove I suggest you just...
Kate: Aha... but that's where your wrong. I can prove it.
Kerry: What?
Kate: Ah, you're interested in what I've got to say now. And I guess that means you care as well.
Kerry: You can't prove it.
Kate: Showing you proof is a last resort of mine. Unless Dave here can confess there's no need to show you a video tape.
Kerry: Dave? Dave?
Dave: Kerry, I'm so sorry.

Kerry: I'm speechless. All this time... you lied.
Dave: Listen, honey, I'm sorry... it was a one off thing... I'll make it up to you...
Kerry: Sleeping with that thing in the corner is not a forgivable thing! I'm so angry right now that I can't even begin to think of what you've done.
Kate: Ah, reality finally hits home. It's a like a slap in the face, ain't it, Kerry?

Kerry: You, you filthy slapper, aren't getting out of this either.
Kate: Ouch! My face!
Kerry: You deserve it!
Kate: I told you the truth.
Kerry: That doesn't mean I forgive you for sleeping with my fiancé.
Kate: Just get off of me.
Kerry: Or what?

Dave: Kate!
Kerry: What the hell?
Dave: Put the gun down, Kate
Kate: Not until you can control your raging, violent fiancé.
Kerry: Ex-fiancé, actually.
Dave: Kate, Kerry won't attack you again if you just put the gun down.
Kerry: It's not like she'd actually use the damn thing.
Kate: I've killed somebody before, I'd easily do it again.
Dave: Well if you're going to shoot someone... shoot me.
Kate: I'll shoot who I want to, thanks.
Dave: Just don't shoot Kerry. Don't even think about it.
Kate: And give me one good reason why I shouldn't?
Dave: Because Kerry's pregnant, Kate, with my child.
Kate: Pregnant? Really?
Dave: You mean you didn't know? You didn't hear from anyone or notice that Kerry was putting on weight.
Kate: Well no, I just thought was getting fat through comfort eating or something.

Kerry: I've had enough of your cheek you venemous...
Kate: Argh!
Kerry: Dave! She's dropped the gun - pick it up!

Dave: Okay... I've got it.
Kate: You hurt my face you stupid...
Kerry: You had a gun pointed at me... how do you expect me to react?

Dave: How do you get the bullets out of this thing?
Kerry: I don't know... it shouldn't matter anyway, it's not like Kate will be getting her filthy hands on it again.
Kate: You know what, I should have just shot you whilst I had the chance. I'd have been killing two birds with one stone... or rather, in this case, two bitches with one bullet.

Kerry: Rot in hell bitch!
Dave: Kerry! Don't shoot!


Lauren: Oh... uh... he... hel... help... please...

Kate: Bloody hell, Kerry! What th...

Kate: Argh... my neck...

Dave: Kerry.... what've you done?