Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 10 - Loving You is Never Easy

Wendy: Good morning from us here at SimTV AM, it's a beautiful morning your waking up to as the sun shines high over Riverside. It's 1st November and before we give you the main news stories, lets cross over to our news correspondent, Sarah, who's on the streets of Riverside with an exclusive report for us.
Sarah: That's right, Wendy. I'm here, standing just outside of Sim Street where last night some dramatic events unfolded. News is currently very brief - no names have been mentioned regarding the incident however what we do know is that two women have been seriously injured with gun wounds. We heard from the Riverside General Infirmary just under an hour ago and they told us that both women are unstable with critical injuries. The police are investigating the street behind me - this is the closest they will allow us. It's a dreadful day for those waking up on Sim Street. We'll hopefully have more details as the day progresses. When we do get them we'll let you know as soon as possible. Back over to you, Wendy.

: How is she?
Dr. Hillary: Lauren has stabilised however she's still unconscious.
Richard: Do you know if she'll make it?
Dr. Hillary: I really can't say at the moment - we're just...
Richard: C'mon, you must have some idea. Please, just let me know if there's any chance she'll be okay.
Dr. Hillary: Richard, I understand this is hard for you but you'll have to patient. We'll keep you up to date, I promise.
Richard: Thanks.
Dr. Hillary: Oh, and the police are here too. They've set up a conference room in the cafeteria. They're interviewing as many people as possible about last night. They'll want to speak to you to so I just thought I'd let you know.

Kevin: So Kerry, tell me how last night started.
Kerry: Dave and I had our stag and hen nights. Nothing much happened during them - Kate only appeared after midnight when Dave and I were alone in the pub.
Kevin: And when Kate arrived...?
Kerry: She started arguing and making insults.
Kevin: And why do you believe she did this?
Kerry: Jealousy... I think. She's been lusting after Dave for months and I guess our approaching marriage sent her off the rails.
Kevin: So, after the arguing, what happened?
Kerry: I told her to go away, that she wasn't wanted. We started fighting - I shoved her. That was when she pulled the gun out and started threatening us - Dave and I. Dave tried to stop her. As she pulled the trigger Lauren burst through the pub doors and the bullet hit her. (Sobs)
Kevin: And what did Kate do next?
Kerry: I just remember looking from Lauren to Kate and seeing the shock on her face. Kate just walked over to the door... I thought she was going to do a runner. I was scared. When she got to the door she turned the gun onto herself and pulled the trigger. After that, Dave called the police and ambulance services.
Kevin: Okay, thanks. Anything else you want to tell us?
Kerry: No. Not that I can think of.
Kevin: Okay, well we'll need to go over exactly what happened last night. You said you were arguing... can you tell us what you were arguing about and what was said?

Kerry: (Cries) Must I?
Kevin: It would be extremely helpful to us if you did.
Kerry: Listen, I just want to go and see how Lauren is. (Cries) My head's a total mess after last night.
Kevin: That's to be expected, Kerry.
Kerry: Well accept it then and just let me go and see my friend.
Kevin: Kerry, if you would just let us know a bit more, please?
Kerry: I've told you what happened. (Cries)
Kevin: What about the arguing? What was said?
Kerry: (Cries) I'm too tired... I didn't sleep at all last night.
Kevin: Kerry? Please?
Kerry: (Cries)

: Hopefully we'll get a better response out of you than we did with of Kerry.
Dave: Okay, where do you want me to start?
Kevin: Before we start, let me ask some questions. At what time did Kate enter the pub?
Dave: Can't remember the exact time... it was about half past twelve I think.
Kevin: What do you believe was Kate's motive for trying to cause trouble last night?
Dave: Erm, I'm not sure. She seemed to have a thing for me though. I've noticed her giving me looks whenever we meet. A sort of admiring look.
Kevin: Did you ever respond?
Dave: You mean did I ever give into temptation? No. No, our relationship, to me, was a work one and it always remained as that.
Kevin: At any point last night was there an argument?
Dave: Yes. Kerry and myself told Kate to leave. Kate refused to leave and started spouting rubbish about how her and I were supposedly in love. At this point, Kerry was rather annoyed and hit Kate.
Kevin: How did Kate react?
Dave: That was Kate whipped out the gun.
Kevin: And...?

Dave: She just pulled the trigger.
: And where was Kate positioned... where about in the pub was she standing?
: Opposite myself and Kerry - opposite the entrance to the pub.
: And how did Lauren enter into the situation?
: She burst through the pub doors just before Kate pulled the trigger.
: Kate never meant to shoot Lauren?
Dave: No. Not at all. Which is why I believe that Kate shot herself. She got a shock and reacted quickly.
Kevin: What do you believe Kate was planning to do? What do you think would have happened if Lauren had not entered the pub?
Dave: I think Kate was planning on shooting Kerry and then myself. Who knows what she would have done after that.

Kerry: So, you've been interviewed then?
Dave: Yeah. Kevin just left 5 minutes ago.
Kerry: And?
Dave: I stuck to our story. Don't worry.
Kerry: Thank you... but I certainly don't forgive you. Thanks to you my best friend is close to death and my head is a mess. Not only that but I'm pregnant... and could well end up being a penniless single mother.
Dave: Kerry, I've said sorry. There's nothing more I can do.
Kerry: Exactly.
Dave: But what do we tell the police if they ask?
Kerry: Huh? You've lost me...
Dave: The police will want to know why we split up.
Kerry: There's no reason for them to think that us breaking up is why Lauren and Kate have ended up close to death.
Dave: Perhaps not but they could piece together the pieces of evidence. You now what they're like.
Kerry: I'm not worried about it, Dave. I'm more concerned about Kate or Lauren waking up. Both of them could tell the police the truth.

: Hi, Dr. Hillary. Sorry to bother you but have you any updates on Lauren's condition.
Dr. Hillary: It's the same as this morning, Richard. No improvements but her condition hasn't deteriorated. We'll keep you up to date, I promise.
Richard: Thank you. Would you be able to tell me where the toilets are?
Dr. Hillary: Sure - take the stairs up to floor 1. The toilets are on your first right,
Richard: Thanks.

Dave: Any news on Kate or Lauren?
Kerry: Not really. Lauren's condition is the same as it was this morning. The doctors said Kate lost a lot of blood and that they managed to remove the bullet from her.
Dave: How about her condition?
Kerry: Slowly deteriorating they said.
Dave: Oh.
Kerry: Listen, Dave. I can't forgive you but lets just get today over with without anymore arguing.

Richard: Vanessa?

Dr. Hillary: Vanessa, I'm afraid the news isn't good.
Vanessa: It hasn't gone away?
Dr. Hillary: No, the cancer is still present.
Vanessa: Oh.
Dr. Hillary: I'm so sorry, Vanessa.
Vanessa: Is there anything else you can do.
Dr. Hillary: We've done everything within our limits. I'm so sorry Vanessa.

Kerry: Dave! Please, just give me some space... you're following me everywhere.
Dave: I just came to tell you some good news... I just spoke with Lauren's doctors. They say she has stabilised. They've moved her into her own room.
Kerry: She's awake?
Dave: No, she's still unconscious. But she's stable now and that's an improvement.
Kerry: If only I hadn't tried to shoot Kate then maybe she'd be fine and living!
Dave: Sssh, don't shout, somebody might here you.
Kerry: Oh why do you care? You're not the one who nearly killed two people!
Dave: Kerry I still care about you. You're not going through this alone.
Kerry: Yeah, but I'm going through so much. I nearly killed my best friend, I could go to jail for life, I found out my fiancé was having an affair... and you know what the worst thing is?
Dave: What?
Kerry: I still love you.
Dave: Huh?
Kerry: I still love you.
Dave: But?
Kerry: Yes, I know. You hurt me. But I still have feelings, Dave. Feelings for you.

Kerry: (Cries)

Dave: Aww, Kate. You don't need to go through this alone.

: Kate would never have tried to kill herself.
Kerry: Excuse me?
Lou: Kate would never have tried to commit suicide.
Kerry: I heard that... but who are you?
Lou: I'm a friend of Kate's. And I'm telling you Kate would never try to kill herself.
Kerry: Well, you weren't there last night, you don't know what happened. Kate tried to kill me but missed and shot my best friend Lauren. Realising her mistake, she turned the gun onto herself.
Lou: I find that hard to believe. After shooting your friend, the Kate I know would've shot you and then your fiancé.
Kerry: Believe want you want to believe. At the end of the day, it doesn't make a difference.
Lou: Oh it does. I will make sure the police know what really happened. I will make sure whoever shot Kate gets their punishment.

Dave: Kerry, are you ready to go home now?
Kerry: Oh yes. I just want to get out of these clothes and get some sleep.
Dave: I managed to sleep for an hour or two last night.
Kerry: I couldn't... I was too busy worrying about what happened. I just sat wide awake.
Dave: I suppose you'll want me to phone a taxi since you're shattered?
Kerry: Yeah, of course, I don't think I have the energy to walk home

Dr. Hillary: Dave! Kerry!
Kerry: What is it?
Dr. Hillary: It's Kate.
Dave: What's happened?
Dr. Hillary: The doctors tried everything they could. But she just... slipped away.
Kerry: You mean?
Dr. Hillary: Yes, she's died. You two had better come back inside.