Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 11 - Flashes of Before


Flashback: Wednesday 25th October 2006
It was on Wednesday 25th October that Lauren Hill and Kate Thomas were shot by Kerry.
Lou: Kate! Kate! Hold on a second!

Lou: Kate, it's me, Lou.
Kate: Lou... hi! I haven't seen you in like ages - it must be a few years. You look so different now.
Lou: And so do you. I heard you'd settled in the area... I was trying to find you the other day. I thought we could catch up.
Kate: Yeah I'd really like that.
Lou: Anyway, how are things? Is life treating you well?
Kate: Life's a bitch, still.
Lou: Yeah, but it sure beats living in prison.
Kate: Yeah... but at least in an all women's prison you can get your heart broken. Unless you're a lesbian.. and I'm not.
Lou: Oh Kate. What's happened?

Kate: I feel in love with a man. A man with a fiancé.
Lou: Affairs never go anywhere in the long term.
Kate: But I actually felt love for this man.
Lou: He sounds like a cheating piece of...
Kate: I was fooled. I should've known not to fall for him. That's where I'm heading now... to finish off business.
Lou: Oh, I thought you'd given up on all that breaking the law crap.
Kate: I had. But I have to do this. My heart was broken... now it's my time to break his. Literally.
Lou: Be safe then. And don't get caught this time. Give me a call later and we can catch up, yeah?



Tuesday 14th November 2006
: When did you last sleep?
Richard: Properly? A few nights ago.
Rik: It's been over two weeks since Lauren was shot, Richard.
Richard: I know. But I can't help but worry. I grew close to Lauren in the few weeks before she was shot. I've already lost one woman in my life... I don't want to lose another.
Rik: Lauren will pull through, Richard. And I'm sure Vanessa will come back to you one day.
Richard: Lauren's in a coma, Rik. And she has been for two weeks now. She might never wake up.
Rik: I feel terrible too Richard, but there's nothing we can do.
Richard: A few nights before Lauren was shot, we kissed. I know I'm still married to Vanessa but we kissed anyway. And it was great.
Rik: Lauren will be alright, Richard. The doctors are positive about her outcome too.

Hillary: How's the investigation into the Sim Street shootings coming along?
DC Hilton: It would be nice to talk to someone else who was there - someone like Kate or Lauren. But since Kate died a couple of weeks back and Lauren's in a coma, that doesn't look likely.
Hillary: We think Lauren will pull through, DC Hilton.
DC Hilton: Yeah, hopefully. We're pretty sure that Kerry and Dave's story is the truth. We did some research on Kate and we found out she killed someone in 1994. The gun she used was the same one from back then.
Hillary: So Kate really did kill herself?
DC Hilton: That's what we believe happened.

: Hi, Kerry. What are you doing here?
Kerry: I was in seeing Lauren.
Richard: Oh.
Kerry: I heard you've spent a long time with her.
Richard: There's not much else to do, really.
Kerry: No. I'm just waiting for life to move on. Things are so depressing at the moment.
Richard: They are. By the way, just thought I'd let you know that Lauren and I found out about Kate's past just before Lauren was shot. We read on the internet that Kate killed her boyfriend in 1994.
Kerry: Lauren knew?
Richard: Yeah... when did you find out?
Kerry: Just a week ago. The police mentioned it when they were interviewing me again.
Richard: Yeah, we both read about it. Lauren was planning on...
(Phone rings)
Kerry: Excuse me... that's my phone.


Flashback: Wednesday 25th October 2006

(Phone rings)
Dave: I've found Kate's phone.
Kerry: Who's phoning her?
Dave: Someone called Lou. I won't answer but I'll keep her phone... it might have some evidence of our affair on it... like texts and stuff.
Kerry: Oh Dave... what do we do?
Dave: Put Lauren into the recovery position and see if she's still breathing. I'll go and wash the gun of your fingerprints.
Kerry: What will you do with the gun after that?
Dave: I'll give it to Kate. Don't worry. I think I know how I can sort out this situation.


2 minutes later.
Dave: How's Lauren?
Kerry: She's unconscious... but breathing.
Dave: I've just called the ambulance services. They should be here shortly.

Kerry: Dave... help me.
Dave: I will. Just listen to me and you'll be okay.



Tuesday 14th November 2006
: I just want to say thanks, Dave.
Dave: For what?
Kerry: For being a complete hero and being by my side throughout this whole thing. I don't know where I'd be without you.
Dave: Facing a jail sentence for murder, perhaps? (Laughs)
Kerry: (Laughs)
Dave: I think that's the first time I've seen you laugh since we got into this mess.
Kerry: It probably is. I still feel a bit depressed about everything though.

Dave: That's exactly why I'm taking you out tonight.
Kerry: Oh, really? Where to?
Dave: That's a surprise, Kerry.
Kerry: Oh well, as long as it's somewhere good.
Dave: It is. I booked our meal for 7pm so make sure you're ready for 6.30pm.
Kerry: Of course. You've cheered me up with that news. I'm really looking forward to tonight.

: The nurse told me I'd find you in the friends and family room.
Richard: Vanessa! Hi.
Vanessa: You don't sound that surprised to see me considering we haven't spoken in about a month.
Richard: I saw you around the hospital a couple of weeks ago.

Vanessa: Why didn't you try and find me then?
Richard: Because I love you... and I respect you. I figured there was a reason you left me and I don't like confrontation so I was just going to wait until you wanted to speak to me rather than being forced to deal with me.
Vanessa: You have no idea how sorry I am, Richard. I just got so scared. I just thought if you found out you'd leave me.
Richard: Hang on a second... what's the matter?
Vanessa: This is so hard for me to tell you.
Richard: Vanessa, despite what's happened between us, I still love you. Please, whatever it is, tell me.
Vanessa: You know a few months ago, I had to go the hospital. Well, when I was there I had something checked out.
Richard: And...?
Vanessa: This is the hardest part.
Richard: What's wrong?
Vanessa: I have cancer, Richard.

Richard: Oh. Oh my God, Vanessa. I'm so sorry to hear that. You're getting treatment though, right?
Vanessa: No. No treatment.
Richard: What?
Vanessa: It's too late. The cancer has spread too much. Any treatment would be completely ineffective.
Richard: How can you... how can you talk about this with so little emotion?
Vanessa: Because I've accepted the fact I'm going to die. I know you must be feeling rather shocked.
Richard: Rather shocked? I've just found out the love of my life is going die! Of course I feel shocked. I feel so many emotions... I feel angry, upset, devastated...
Vanessa: I know. Hopefully now you understand why I freaked out and left. I just didn't know how you'd react. I thought you might leave me.
Richard: No. I'd never do that.

Richard: Listen, Vanessa. I'll never leave you. Despite the fact this will take some getting used to, I'll be there by your side 100%. I'll make sure the next few months of your life are the best times of your life.
Vanessa: As long as your by my side, I don't care what we do.
Richard: How long have the doctors given you to live?
Vanessa: Six months to one year.
Richard: Okay. Well it's not okay, but...
Vanessa: I know it's hard to hear, Richard but you'll accept it eventually.


Flashback: Wednesday 25th October
: How's Kate doing?
Dave: She's losing a lot of blood.
Kerry: Only one ambulance has arrived so they've taken Lauren since she was in a more critical condition than Kate. They said the other ambulance should be here in se...
(Ambulance sirens)
Kerry: Ah, there it is. Dave - did you clean my fingerprints from the gun?
Dave: Yes. I cleaned it and placed it back in Kate's hand. Only her fingerprints should be on it now.
Kerry: Good. And what about her mobile phone?
Dave: I've left it on the pub counter. We can't let the police find it because it does have evidence of our affair on it.

Lou, a friend of Kate's, is standing outside.



Tuesday 14th November 2006
Lou is standing outside Lauren's hospital room.

Hillary: Excuse me... visiting times are over.
Lou: Really? I thought visiting times ended at 8pm?
Hillary: They do. But not for this ward. On this ward, visiting times end at 6pm. These patients need all of the rest they can get.
Lou: But this is the coma ward. These people spend their time sleeping for goodness sake. Can't I just spend 10 minutes with Lauren?
Hillary: As you pointed out, most of these patients, like Lauren, are in comas. She wouldn't even know you're here so why don't you just come back tomorrow morning.
Lou: Fine, I'll come back tomorrow.

Kerry: Sorry I'm late, Dave. I had to pop back to the hospital to pick up my purse. I left it there this morning.
Dave: No problem. I just popped out as well - I needed some new aftershave so I just went along to the local shops to buy some. Anyway, we're not late. Our meal's booked for 7pm - we have plenty of time yet.

Dave: You look stunning by the way.
Kerry: Thanks. It's a shame I'll only every get to wear this dress once. I'll be a lot bigger in a few weeks and when I give birth and go back to my normal size, this dress will be too big for me.
Dave: We can buy a new one. We can afford it now - I'm raking in loads of money through running the pub. No wonder Lauren is loaded with cash.
Kerry: Oi. Your job as manager is just temporary until Lauren gets back on her feet. But yeah, money is good!
Dave: Every cloud has a silver lining. Anyway, we should get going.

Vanessa: I'm so happy that you're being supportive. I don't know what I would've done if...
Richard: ...I had rejected you? I would never have done that. You're my wife and I love. I'll stand by you until the day comes when it's time to say goodbye.
Vanessa: I don't know why I ever ran away. I was so stupid.
Richard: Yes, you were. (Laughs) But at least now we can spend one last Christmas and New Year together.
Vanessa: We'll make it a good one.
Richard: The best one ever.
Vanessa: Thanks, Richard. I don't know what I'd do without you.

: I'm so glad that we've gotten out of the house.
Kerry: So am I. I've been feeling a lot better lately. Kate's gone forever, the police believe our story, the doctors think Lauren will make a full recovery. And Vanessa's returned for Richard. It's like everything's coming back together, just in time for Christmas.
Dave: It is nice.
Kerry: And I have some big news Dave. I found this out two weeks ago but I've waiting for the right moment to tell you.
Dave: It's good news, right?
Kerry: Yeah! Well, when I went for a check up to see if everything was okay with my pregnancy, they found something.
Dave: What?
Kerry: Another baby.
Dave: Really? You mean we're having twins!
Kerry: Yes!
Dave: That's brilliant news. How are you...
(Phone rings)
Kerry: That's my phone... oh, it's the hospital. I'll have to take the call.

5 minutes later.
Kerry: That was the hospital.
Dave: What's up? Is everything okay?
Kerry: Lauren's dead.
Dave: What? You've gotta be kidding.
Kerry: No. (Sobs). They said someone switched off her life support machine.
Dave: I thought the doctors said that Lauren was likely to make a full recovery?
Kerry: They did say that...

Dave: But, who switched off her life support machine?
Kerry: They don't know. The police are at the hospital now... they're treating her death as a murder. (Cries)
Dave: Oh Kerry. Come on, we'll have to head down there to the hospital.
Kerry: I'm so in shock. I just, I just, I just don't know how to feel...
Dave: I know. Just when we thought this was all going to end happily something like this happens. C'mon, we'd better get a move on.