Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 12 - Sometimes the Sun Shines

Three weeks ago Lauren was found dead in a hospital bed when someone switched off her life support machine. Lauren's funeral took place just under a week ago. Two weeks ago Kerry gave birth prematurely to a baby girl who Kerry and Dave have called Kimberley. Kerry and Dave are visiting Lauren's grave.

Kerry: I can't believe it's December. It seems like it's taken ages to come around this year. This year really has dragged on.
Dave: So many things have happened though - Lauren's death, Kate's death, your pregnancy, my affair with Kate...
Kerry: I really can't wait for the New Year. It'll be out chance to start a new life - sort of. There's Kimberley now in the family and we have the Riverside Pub to run.
Dave: Yeah, things are finally looking up for us. The future looks bright.

Kerry: Yeah, definitely. We have our own house, a baby, enough money to keep us going. Of course I grieve over Lauren's death but I'm just trying to move on.
Dave: And there's no more Kate to deal with either!
Kerry: Oh yeah, she's definitely gone - I haven't heard anything about her death since the doctor at the hospital told us. There was no news in the newspapers, no obituary, no funeral, no grave. Nothing.
Dave: She could've been buried elsewhere I suppose... anyway, why are we complaining about this? We should just be glad that she's out of our lives forever.
Kerry: I'll be happy as long as there are no more women in your life.
Dave: Kerry, I promise you, you're the only girl for me. I've apologised greatly for what I did. Having an affair with Kate is the biggest regret of my life.
Kerry: I know Dave, I know. I accept your apology and I do still love you but it's going to take time for me to accept what you did.

Dave: Well we've got plenty of time - the rest of our lives in fact.

: I love lie ins.
Richard: So do I. And I especially love having them with you.
Vanessa: Aww. It's such a shame that this time next year you'll be having lie ins all by yourself.
Richard: No, don't say that. The future has always scared me but knowing that I'll be spending the majority of it without you scares the hell outta me. I don't know what I'll do.
Vanessa: I'm sure you'll find someone else, manage to settle down, have children. You'll be able to do the things you've always wanted to do.
Richard: No, I don't think so. You're the only person alive I want to do those things with.
Vanessa: Really? You don't think you could ever fall for anyone else?
Richard: No, never.
Vanessa: That's not what I heard.
Richard: What?
Vanessa: I heard about your kiss with Lauren.
Richard: Oh that... that was nothing. It was only a small kiss. How did you find out?
Vanessa: People speak, Richard. Word sort of travelled around and I heard about it.
Richard: It wasn't a big thing, Vanessa, I...

Vanessa: It's okay, really. I'm not bothered at all.
Richard: Honest?
Vanessa: Yeah. Anyway, Lauren's not around anymore. It's not like it can happen again.
Richard: You didn't like Lauren?
Vanessa: Whatever gave you that idea?
Richard: You just don't sound like you do.
Vanessa: I don't know. I just didn't get a good vibe from her at all.
Richard: Really? I'm surprised at that. I thought you two got along well.

: Kerry, stop worrying. Honestly, everything's fine.
Kerry: But my parents will be here any minute now. Everything has to be perfect for them.
Dave: I never knew you cared about your parents this much?
Kerry: As horrible as it sounds, I don't. My mother's overly critical and my father can't stand up for himself against her. They don't think much of me so I'm hoping to prove them wrong this Christmas. I want everything to be perfect - from the Christmas meal right down to how good this place looks. It means a lot to me.
Dave: Well if it means a lot to you then it means a lot to me. I'll help you.
Kerry: Thank you. And if my mother criticises anything too heavily or she gets personal, please lend me a bit of support.
Dave: Will do.
Kerry: Again, thanks.
Dave: Jeez, you make your mother out to be some kind of monster.
Kerry: No, she's no monster. But she's a pain in the butt.

Dave: I know it means a lot to you but just chill. It might help you if you relax a little.
Kerry: I know, I do need to let go a little. It's just everything's so hectic right now.
Dave: Well, I understand. But maybe even if you just relaxed a little. Like right now - just tip your head back.
Kerry: What?... Oh, hey, there's mistletoe!
Dave: Yeah... and you know what that means...

: Ooh, you're home very early today.
Henry: I've been given a half day.
Paula: Oh, that's good then.
Henry: Yeah, I suppose.
Paula: Cheer up then - honestly, talk about looking down in the dumps.
Henry: Oh, I am happy. I'm just thinking.
Paula: About what?
Henry: I've been given an offer at work...
Paula: Oh no - we're not moving again.
Henry: Maybe?
Paula: Oh Henry, we've just settled in here. I've just finished redecorating, Steven and Amelia have settled in at school...
Henry: If I take the offer we can move back to our old home - the job offer they've given me is the same job as the one I had before.

Paula: Wow! Henry that's fantastic! Really brilliant!
Henry: Whoa... I knew you'd be happy but not this happy.
Paula: You have to take the job, Henry, you just have to!
Henry: I will but we can't move back until the middle of January - that's when the job contract starts.

Phyllis and Seth - Kerry's parents - have arrived at the Riverside Pub.
: Hello mother. How was the trip?
Phyllis: Well we're 30 minutes late... I think that explains it.
Kerry: The traffic was bad?
Phyllis: No, dear - your father was driving. Honestly, talk about going at a snails pace.
Seth: Better safe than...
Phyllis: Sorry? At the pace we were going I'm surprised the car from behind didn't ram us. Anyway, moving on. Where are Seth and myself staying for the next month?
Kerry: I've tidied up one of the bedrooms on the ground floor.
Dave: Lauren's old room?
Kerry: Yes, why?
Dave: Oh, nothing. I just thought they were sleeping in the spare room.

Kerry: Well since Lauren's death...
Phyllis: Lauren's dead?
Dave: Somebody murdered her - switched off her life support machine.
Phyllis: The nosey cow had it coming.
Kerry: Mother!
Phyllis: Well, we all know what she like - snooping around, always interfering.
Dave: Phyllis, why don't I show you to your room?
Phyllis: I'm sure I can find the room on my own. Now Seth, be a dear and fetch our luggage from the car.
Dave: I can help?
Phyllis: Don't be silly, Seth can manage on his own.
Dave: Alright then, if you're sure.

Dave: By the way, what's the situation regarding your mother?
Kerry: How do you mean?
Dave: Well, do we tell her the truth about what happened to Kate and Lauren or do we keep it a secret?

Phyllis: I may be old but I'm certainly not deaf. I think it would be for the best if you two were honest with me.
(Phone rings)
Kerry: Oh, that's my mobile phone... I'll have to answer it.

Kerry: Hello... Oh, hey Rik. What's up?... Yeah, sure, that's fine. What date are you thinking about?... That sounds about fine... Yeah, I'm sure it's okay. It's Christmas - the more the merrier!... Okay, see you later. Bye.
Dave: Who was that?
Kerry: It was Rik. He's moving back in.
Dave: He's left his girlfriend again?
Kerry: No, his girlfriend Lexi is moving in too along with his daughter Kacey.
Dave: When?
Kerry: Next week.
Phyllis: This house is already packed with people - couldn't you have said no to him, my dear?
Kerry: He's the sister of Lauren and he used to live here. In fact he grew up here. I could hardly say no.

Gareth and Wendy are two police officers at Riverside Police Station.
Gareth: What's the latest on the investigation into Lauren's death?
Wendy: The same as last week. There's nothing. We have no leads. And apart from Lou, we have no suspects.
Gareth: Then why can't we arrest Lou if she's the only suspect?
Wendy: Because we don't have enough evidence. Actually, we have no evidence.
Gareth: It all leads back to those darned hospital CCTV tapes.
Wendy: Yes, whoever stole those CCTV tapes is either the killer or a helper of the killer.
Gareth: And we have no leads as to who stole the tapes?
Wendy: None whatsoever.

Gareth: Then we need to keep searching the area. Those tapes must be soewhere.
Wendy: We've searched the home of Lou. Nothing turned up. And since we don't have any other suspects, we can't search anymore homes.
Gareth: This completely sucks.
Wendy: Yes, it does. Even you-know-who is unsure of who killed Lauren.
Gareth: Really? Well I'll have to get in contact with them then. I'll see if I can find out anything.

Kerry: Dave, I've just put Kimberley to bed. If you want we can watch SimTV, I think Pleasantview's about to come on.
Dave: In a minute, I'm just about to feed Max.
Kerry: Hurry up then, I don't want to miss the start of the show.
Dave: Actually, Kerry, can you record Pleasantview? I think we need to talk.
Kerry: What about? You're scaring me... you sound so serious.
Dave: Oh, it's nothing big, honest.

Kerry: What is it Dave?
Dave: How are you feeling, Kerry?
Kerry: Fine, couldn't be better.
Dave: Seriously, are you sure? It's just, everything that's happened - Lauren's death, you giving birth...
Kerry: Yeah, I see where you're coming from. I do feel stressed out, of course. But Dave you know me, I'm strong. I'm not going to cry over split milk.
Dave: That's the thing - it's a lot more than split milk. Two deaths, a birth... you don't seem to be affected by any of it?
Kerry: Dave, trust me, I am. I just deal with it differently. Okay, maybe I don't cry at random intervals but I've visited Lauren's grave countless times over the past week and every time I've shed a tear. Nearly every night I have the same dream over and over again. What would've happened if I hadn't shot at Lauren and Kerry. I haven't had a decent nights sleep in months. It might not seem like I'm affected but I am.
Dave: I know, I do believe you are but I'm your fiancé - it wouldn't hurt to talk to me once in a while about everything. You know you can talk to me.
Kerry: I'm sorry. I just like to keep things to myself. I'll try and talk to you in the future.

: Phyllis my dear. Sit down and relax. We've been at Kerry's since 2pm and you haven't lay at rest since.
Phyllis: It's just this house, it's got a weird aura about it.
Seth: Don't be silly. This is a wonderful house and it looks great. Come on, Kerry obviously cares a lot about us - she's even stuck up some Christmas decorations in here for us.
Phyllis: Oh Seth, you can be gullible sometimes.
Seth: I just see the best in everyone.
Phyllis: Yes, exactly.
Seth: Just be glad we're spending Christmas with family. It was nice of Kerry to invite us over.
Phyllis: Kerry didn't invite us - we asked to come.
Seth: Did we?
Phyllis: Oh Seth, I do worry about you sometimes. You didn't think Kerry would actually invite her own parents over for Christmas, did you?
Seth: Well she is our daughter.

Seth: What are you doing? You know our clothes are being stored in the room down the hall. Lauren's clothes are still packed away in the wardrobes here.
Phyllis: I know dear. I'm just being nosey.
Seth: And hypocritical. You slated Lauren earlier...
Phyllis: Oh  I couldn't care less, Seth. I'm not interested in Lauren, I just want to know have a nose around Dave and Kerry's things - they are our daughter and soon to be son-in-law.
Seth: And have you found anything?
Phyllis: Apart from clothes, just some boxes.
Seth: So, what have you learnt from nosing around then?

Phyllis: Nothing...
Seth: Exactly? See, I told you being nosey was pointless. Dave and Kerry have a perfectly normal house.
Phyllis: Yes, apart from keeping videos - that have "Property of Riverside Hospital" stamped on the side of them - stashed away in an unused wardrobe.