Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 13 - When I Met Kate

: Hello Minister Graham. Have you got any time to spare?
: I've got a meeting at 12pm but apart from that, I'm free all day.
Kerry: Oh, okay. I just really need to talk to someone. Someone from outside my normal circle of life.
: Oh sure. Do you want to talk about anything in particular?
Kerry: I don't know. So much has happened to me recently, I just really need to talk to someone who'll listen.
: Okay, well take a seat here and we can talk.
Kerry: Thank you.

Graham: What is it that seems to be bothering you?
Kerry: Before we start, can you promise me that what I say to you will remain confidential.
: I promise you.
Kerry: Really?
: Of course, yes.
Kerry: Okay, well I suppose I should start right at the beginning.

Kerry: I was born in the mid seventies into your fairly average, typical family. My parents, Phyllis and Seth, owned a small house on the outskirts of Riverside. I can't remember much about the first few years of my life. It seemed pretty average from what my parents have said. I've been told I cried a lot and that I liked to pull my hair.




Kerry: The rest of my life, up until my teens, was pretty average. I met Lauren Hill at nursery and we were best friends until around about the end of high school. I can remember the night when we fell out. It was the night when I first met Kate Thomas...

  December 1986
Lauren and Kerry (both 15 years old) are attending their high school Christmas party.
Lauren: I am sooo looking forward to this party. It's going to be awesome.
Kerry: Yeah, shame we don't have boyfriends to come with though.
Lauren: Oh don't remind me, Kerry. It's been over 3 months since I split up with Ross.
Kerry: I know, and you really miss him.
Lauren: Yeah.
Kerry: Just ask him back out. It's not like he's moved on or anything.
Lauren: But then I'll just look desperate.
Kerry: Well if you don't want to appear desperate then you'll just have to be single.
Lauren: I don't know what your commenting on - you haven't got one either!

Lily: Oh, guess who turned up folks! It's Kerry!
Kerry: Just mind your own business, Lily. Please.
Lily: Why? Why should I do that?
Kerry: Because I'm fed up of you picking on me.
Lily: Aww. Isn't that a shame (!)

Kate: Lily, just leave the poor girl alone. You already hassle her enough at school. It's the high school party and Kerry's 15th birthday today. Just give her a break.
Lily: Or what?
Kate: I'm not going to threaten you, Lily. I'm just telling you to lay off Kerry so that she can enjoy the party.
Lily: I don't see why I should have to just for you.
Kate: And I don't see why Kerry should have to suffer your cheek every day.
Lily: Because she deserves it.
Kate: And you deserve a...
Lily: I thought you didn't do threats?
Kate: I don't. But...
Lily: Oh forget it. The party's about to start. I'm heading inside.

Lauren: Are you okay?
Kerry: Yeah, I'm fine.
Lauren: You sure?
Kerry: Yeah, why?
Lauren: I saw what happened outside with Lily.
Kerry: Oh that, that was nothing.
Lauren: You should tell someone, a teacher maybe. They'd sort her out.
Kerry: No they wouldn't, the bullying would just get worse anyway. I don't mind, really. I can ignore her, I've been doing that for the past few years. And I should go and thank that Kate girl for standing up for me. I don't know why she did it - I've never seen her before in my life.

Kerry: Hi, Kate. I just wanted to say thanks for earlier, y'know, for standing up for me. It's appreciated a lot.
Kate: Oh it was no problem at all. It gave me an excuse to have a go at Lily. I've been wanting to do that for ages.
Kerry: (Laughs) I wish I was able to do that. If I tried I can't imagine me having much to say.
Kate: I wouldn't worry about her. Just ignore her. The only realise she picks on you is because she's jealous.
Kerry: Jealous? Of me?
Kate: Yeah, you have great fashion sense, a brilliant personality and you have a best friend who's been by your side for over 10 years. She hasn't got any of that. Not many people do.
Kerry: Thanks. Come here, give me a hug.

Lily: Aww, look at Kerry standing all alone underneath the mistletoe.
Kate: She's with me.
Lily: Yeah, but Kerry's still standing underneath the mistletoe with nobody around willing to kiss her. What a shame.
Kate: Kerry, come here!

Lily: Oh my God! Lesbians! Lesbians!



Kerry: I don't know what came over me that night, I guess I was just desperate. It was my first proper kiss too and the first night I met Kate. Considering the position I'm in now in 2006, that's really weird. Anyway Lauren saw what was happening and left the party. I think she felt uncomfortable.




Graham: What did she say when you spoke to her again?
Kerry: I didn't... at least for another year. Lauren and I didn't fall out, we just drifted apart. From that night onwards Kate and I became best friends. At the time it seemed great but looking back I realise how much of a bad influence she was. My year following that evening was a nightmare.
: What happened?
Kerry: I lost my virginity to someone I didn't even know, I started stealing from shops on the odd occasion, I smoked, I took drugs.
: Most people - even though I don't understand why - would see those events as high times in their teens.
Kerry: I don't though. I hated that time in my life. Being like that wasn't me. I much preferred being a quiet girl and I would rather have been best friends with Lauren than Kate. But, I was silly. Kate lured me into her lifestyle and trapped me in it.
: When did you friendship with Kate end?
Kerry: About exactly a year since it began. Kate and I were supposed to be going to the high school Christmas party in 1988. It was the day after my 16th birthday and Kate had been 17 for a few months. We told our parents we were going there. We weren't...


December 1988
: I don't know if I can do this. It feels wrong.
Kate: What's wrong about it?
Kerry: Being paid for it. And the fact that I just turned 16 yesterday.
Kate: It's still exactly the same as before, you're just getting something from it. And you're one of the few people who look way older than they really are. Nobody has ever suspected a thing.
Kerry: But it's wrong. It's prostitution.
Kate: This hasn't bothered you before, Kerry. If you want, just have sex with him and don't accept the money. It's not like he'll mind.
Kerry: I suppose.
Kate: Good. Now go on, he'll be waiting.

Kerry: Hi. You must be William.
William: Yes. Yes I am.
Kerry: Lets go inside, I'm feeling a bit chilly out here.

William: Before we start, how much will I owe you?
Kerry: I... erm... I don't quite know...
William: The only reason I ask is because your card didn't say.
Kerry: Well... erm... you see, I've never charged before.
William: This is your first time?
Kerry: Yes... no. Well, not exactly. I don't usually charge.
William: Well that's fine by me.
Kerry: No, look. I can't do this. I should just go.
William: Have a drink first, it might loosen you up. I've already had a few.

William: Come here gorgeous.
Kerry: No! I really don't want to.
William: Is everything alright? Don't you want to?
Kerry: I've already said no. Take a hint.
William: What? No sex or no alcohol?
Kerry: Neither! I don't want anything!
William: Are you turning me down? Is there something wrong with me?
Kerry: Yes... I mean no. Just get off of me, please!

Kerry: I'm leaving!
William: No you're not! Not without doing your job.
Kerry: It's not my job!
William: You're a prostitute. You're supposed to have sex with people and I want sex!
Kerry: Kate! I need some help!

Kate: What seems to be the problem?
William: She won't have sex with me!
Kerry: It's not your decision to make.
William: You're a prostitute and I expect sex.
Kate: She can do what she likes and if refusing you sex is one of those things, then she can do it.
William: Well if she won't do it, will you?
Kate: No. Now just leave us alone and get back into your grotty little apartment.

William: Ah well. I'm probably better off anyway. You two are probably full of diseases.
Kate: How dare you talk to us like that!
William: Whoa, watch it will you? I'm a tad close to falling down the steps here.
Kate: And if you insult me one more time I'll push you.

William: Will this do?

Kerry: Kate!

Kerry: Kate! You've killed him.
Kate: He could still be alive.
Kerry: He's not moving.

Kerry: Oh my God. What do we do?
Kate: Don't panic, Kerry.
Kerry: We could go to jail for murder!
Kate: I said don't panic.
Kerry: Oh Kate! Do something!
Kate: I will. Listen, you go. Run away from here. Go home, go to a shop. Go anywhere. I'll stay here and do something. I'll hide his body or something.
Kerry: Come and find me when you've finished.
Kate: I will.
Kerry: I can't believe we've done this. We're in such a mess.
Kate: It's my fault. I did it. No go Kerry, go.

1 hour later
Kerry has tracked Lauren down to her high school hall. It's past midnight and the high school Christmas party finished over 30 minutes ago.
: Lauren!

Lauren: Kerry! What are you doing here? How did you know I was here? What's happened?
Kerry: Well, erm. I just...
Lauren: Kerry, what is it?

Kerry: (Cries) I killed someone!
Lauren: What?!
Kerry: Well I didn't... but Kate did. She pushed a man down the stairs!
Lauren: Oh my! What's happening now? Are the police involved?
Kerry: I don't know but I'm running away.
Lauren: Kerry, you can't.
Kerry: I can and I will. I've taken out all of my money from my bank. Tell my parents I've gone but never ever repeat what I've told you regarding tonight.
Lauren: Kerry!
Kerry: Promise, Lauren?
Lauren: But Kerry...?
Kerry: Promise me!
Lauren: Okay, Kerry. I promise. But I wish there was some way I could help you.
Kerry: You can't. Just let me run away and deal with my own problems.

1 hour later
: I just don't understand why she'd do such a thing.
Seth: Either do I.
Phyllis: You don't understand much honey so it's understandable that you'd understand this.
Lauren: Trust me, I'm confused too. I just saw her taking money out her bank and she told me she was running away.
Phyllis: She didn't say why or anything like that?
Lauren: No, there was no explanation at all. Are you going to call the police?
Phyllis: I have no reason to.
Lauren: You won't go after her?
Phyllis: No.
Lauren: But why?
Phyllis: Kerry won't cope on her one for 5 minutes. She'll be home in no time at all.




Kerry: I survived for 4 years on my own. I bought a small flat on the other side of Riverside and I got myself a job in a small toy store. For 2 years I worked away on minimum wage. At the age of 18, 2 years since I moved out, I was still living in clothes I'd bought when I was 15 years old. Just before my 19th birthday, my boss told me she had cancer. She was 53 years old. She tried to battle the cancer but it was too late. A year later she passed away. During that year she handed the business over to me - I was her only employee and she had no family. I ran the business for nearly a year and I managed to keep things going.
: You only lived on the other side of Riverside, didn't your parents ever here that you were living nearby?
Kerry: I'm sure they did. They never let me know though. Anyway, that was about the time when I went back to visit them. 4 years since I'd moved out and I went back to tell them that I had my own apartment and business.
: But while this was all going on, what happened to Kate?
Kerry: Kate was clever. She didn't hide William's body. She just left him. There was a police investigation but they came to the conclusion that William had just fallen down the stairs. It was a complete accident according to them.
: Ah right. Did you ever see Kate again?
Kerry: No. I never saw her again until earlier this year. Anyway, when I went to visit my parents about a decade ago to tell them I had my own small business, I bumped into somebody...


Dave: Oh hey. You're that woman who owns Charlie's Bears, the toy shop, across town, right?
Kerry: Yeah, that's me.
Dave: Oh, I was thinking of buying it. I already own a small cafe and I was hoping to buy one or two other businesses. A toy shop is one of the businesses I'm considering.
Kerry: Oh I don't know if I could sell it on. The boss died just a year or so ago.
Dave: You would still be manager and you'd have complete control over the business - just like you do now.
Kerry: You're being serious?
Dave: Why? Did you think I was joking?
Kerry: Well, yeah, sort of. I just didn't think anyone would want to buy the shop. It's really small.
Dave: But it does excellent business. You should think about it.
Kerry: I will, don't worry.
Dave: I'll see you around.
Kerry: Hey, would you like to grab a coffee sometime?
Dave: What? So we can talk about my proposition further?
Kerry: Well, no, I was thinking it could be more of a date...
Dave: A date? I'm free tonight. I'll pick you up at 8pm. Make sure you look your best.
Kerry: Where are we going?
Dave: You'll find out tonight.



Kerry: Dave and I got into a relationship. The years following our first date saw us start a serious relationship, become business partners and move in with each other. We both sold on the toy shop Charlie's Bears. It's still running today I think. Anyway, we spent over 5 years together. Those 5 years were magical. We married in 2004 and the wedding was the best day of my life.




Graham: And you and Dave are still together after over 2 years.
Kerry: Sort of. We split up shortly after we married - he ran away because we went bankrupt. We spent so much on our wedding and honeymoon that we sort of forgot about our businesses.
: He came back though.
Kerry: Yeah, about a year and half ago.
: And everything's okay now?
Kerry: Yeah, we have an excellent relationship. I would die for him.


1 month ago - November 2006
: Visiting hours are over. They just threw me out.
Dave: What were you doing here?
Lou: Trying to visit Lauren.
Dave: Why?
Lou: Because I was just wondering how she was doing.
Dave: She's in a coma. She's in the same state she was in a week ago.
Lou: Okay, I know. I just feel sorry for her. She's been caught up in this whole shooting incident and she didn't even have a part in it. If only she'd wake up everything would be so much better.
Dave: Yeah, she'd be able to confirm to the police that Kate shot herself after shooting Lauren.
Lou: I wasn't really thinking about that but yeah, she would give the answer to this incident.
Dave: Yeah, well, lets just hope she wakes up soon.
Lou: Mm, I suppose so. Anyway, I have to go, I'll see you later.

Kerry: I shouldn't be in here - visiting times are over, but I have something important that I want to do, Lauren. My life is such a mess at the moment. I killed Kate. And I shot you. I didn't even mean to do it. I didn't even want to do it. I just, I just, I just hate her so much... Kate, that is. I just grabbed the chance I had to get rid of her. Ever since I met her she's made my life a living misery. First she gets me involved in drugs, then sex, then prostitution. Then she goes and kills somebody. Ten years later and she makes a return having an affair with my fiancé. I had a chance to get rid of her and I took it. But I shot you first. (Cries). It breaks my heart, Lauren, it really does. If I could turn back time I'd never even talk to Kate.

Kerry: I love you, Lauren. You're my best friend. But my life is in such a mess at the moment. If you wake up, the police would find out I shot you and then Kate. Everything from my past would come out. I spend every second of my life worrying that you'll wake up. If you wake up now, that would be great - I could explain everything to you. C'mon Lauren, wake up. Wake up! (Cries) Please...
Kerry: I've thought about it a million times. A million times I've ran the situation over and over in my head. I'm in such a dark place right now. This might seem like step backwards but it would really be a step forward. A selfish one, one that I'd regret, no doubt, but one that might help me. Lauren I'm dreadfully sorry but (cries)... I have to do this. (Cries). Goodbye, Lauren.



Graham: You killed Lauren?
Kerry: I'm not proud of it, but yes.
: You killed your best friend?
Kerry: It's the worst thing I've ever done. I was so depressed, so scared. Imagine that you'd lived my life, how would you feel in that situation? No wait, don't answer that. Everybody would react differently. I took drastic action to prevent my life from getting worse. I was verging on suicide. I still sometimes do. I sometimes wish that instead of shooting Lauren, I shot myself.
: Death is never the answer, Kerry.
Kerry: But then I think of Dave. I could never leave him behind.
: But didn't he leave you behind at one point?
Kerry: I forgave him. I understood the position he was in. He ran away from me and his life because he was bankrupt just like I ran away from my life when Kate killed William. And we both came back. I went back to my family and Lauren and Dave came back to me.
: So after you killed Lauren, what did you do?
Kerry: I stole the CCTV video tapes and hid them.... oh my God!
: What?
Kerry: I hid the video tapes in a stupid place. No worries, though. Anyway, since then, nothing much has happened. My life's been better though. I worry less, I have a secure job. Dare I say it, but my life is good.
: I should go to the police.
Kerry: Will you?
: No, I have a meeting to go to in 10 minutes. Lets head outside.

Kerry: Will you go to the police eventually though?
Graham: No. I think you've dealt with enough in your life.
Kerry: Thank you Minister.
Graham: But Kerry, you must promise yourself that you won't do anything wrong again. Ever.
Kerry: I won't. I've already made too many mistakes in my life.
Graham: I'll have to go now, my meetings in 5 minutes and it'll take me 10 minutes to get there.
Kerry: Sorry, I just needed to talk to someone and I'm really glad I did.
Graham: No worries, Kerry. I'll see you later though.

Kerry: Goodbye Graham. And thank you.

Graham: Goodbye Kerry.