Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 14 - Snow Will Fall

It's Christmas day on Sim Street. Kerry has been up since 3.30am preparing Christmas dinner. This year she has to make Christmas dinner for up to 8 people.

Dave: Kerry, what on earth are you doing?
Kerry: Making Christmas dinner.
Dave: But it's 4 in the morning - can't it wait until later.
Kerry: I'm just putting the turkey in the oven. I'll be back in bed in 10 minutes.
Dave: No, it's okay. I'll go and take the dog for a quick walk while I'm up. You carry on until I get back.
Kerry: Okay, I suppose I could make a start on the puddings. Do you fancy berry pie or cheesecake?
Dave: I'm not fussed.
Kerry: I'll make both then just in case somebody's fussy.

Seth: Did Kerry and Dave wake you too?
Phyllis: Yes, about half an hour ago. I decided to just get up and get changed though. Did you fall asleep on the sofa again in your clothes?
Seth: Yes.
Phyllis: You really have to stop doing that. And you feel asleep in your decent clothes too.
Seth: It's okay, I have another jumper just like this. I'm wearing that today.
Phyllis: I hope Kerry's kept busy all day. I really want to watch those CCTV tapes in the wardrobe. She's been so nosey lately that I haven't had the chance to watch them.
Seth: What'll happen if the video tapes reveal Kerry as Lauren's killer?
Phyllis: Then my job is done and we can go home.
Seth: You know, what you're doing is really cruel.
Phyllis: I'm an ex-cop. The police asked me to come back and do one job where I go undercover to try and find out if Kerry and Dave are telling the truth or not.
Seth: Yes, but you're betraying your own daughter.
Phyllis: She might have killed Lauren and even Kate. The police want answers and I'm one of the ways they can get them. And if I do a good job, the police force might take me back.
Seth: It's your fault you left them in the first place - you're the one who wanted an early retirement.
Phyllis: I know - and what a mistake that was. I now have to spend every day with you!

Kerry: Good morning Rik, Lexi. Merry Christmas too.
Lexi: Merry Christmas Kerry.
Rik: Merry Christmas Kerry. What time is dinner?
Kerry: About 1pm. You have a few hours yet.
Lexi: Good - Rik and I should go and open our Christmas presents.
Kerry: Dave and I opened ours...
Dave: ... at 6am this morning.
Kerry: Oh, hey Dave.
Rik: At 6am?
Kerry: Dave and I were up at 4am preparing Christmas dinner and taking the dog out for a walk.
Dave: And feeding Kimberley too.
Kerry: We opened our presents and then went back to bed. Dave's just got up.
Dave: I should go and get showered and changed. I'll see you all later.

Lou moved into Sim Street 4 days ago. At the moment her house only has basic items of furniture. She has been watching TV for the past hour.

: So Rik, will you serve the turkey?
Phyllis: Are you sure that'll do for all 8 of us.
Lexi: Kacey isn't eating any. I fed her not that long ago anyway.
Kerry: And Kimberley is sleeping upstairs.
Rik: Okay, well I'll go and get the knifes and forks.
Dave: I'll help you - I'll fetch plates for everyone.
Seth: I haven't eaten all day - I can't wait to dig in.
Kerry: You won't have long to wait if Dave and Rik get a move one. C'mon, hurry up! We're starving here! (Laughs).
Dave: Patience, darling.

Phyllis: This is simply delicious.
Kerry: And I made it all from scratch, mother. The puddings too.
Phyllis: You? You made all of this from scratch? Never!
Kerry: I did. Dave - back me up!
Dave: She did, Phyllis, she was up at 4am this morning making it.
Phyllis: Oh I know. You two woke Seth and I up as well.
Seth: Anyway Kerry, what's for pudding?
Kerry: Cheesecake, berry pie and jelly.
Phyllis: No ice cream? Or trifle?
Kerry: There's ice cream in the freezer in the kitchen. If you want trifle then go and make yourself. You're the only person here who likes it - I wasn't cooking one whole trifle pudding for one person.
Phyllis: No problem - I'll just stick with ice cream.
Kerry: I'm sorry mother but it's not my fault you're a fussy eater.
Dave: Ladies, it's Christmas day. Please, can we cut the arguing?
Phyllis: If you insist, Dave.

Phyllis: I don't know if I can eat anymore, I'm stuffed!
Seth: I can eat more but I'm saving room for that berry pie. It looks simply delicious!
Rik: Well once everyone has finished their main course, we can get started on the pudding.
Kerry: I'm finished, I don't think I can eat much more. I'll just give the leftovers to the dog.
Seth: Don't do that honey, put them in a container and then put them in the fridge - they can be eaten tomorrow.
Phyllis: Eurgh. Leftover food is always disgusting. It's usually tasteless and lumpy.
Seth: It'll do me fine as a Boxing day meal.
Phyllis: There isn't going to be food tonight is there, at the Christmas Ball?
Kerry: No, I think everyone will have eaten enough today.
Phyllis: Good.

Lou: I know it's Christmas day and I know this is short notice... and yes, I know you shouldn't be within a mile of Sim Street but please, I'm asking you as a friend to come over. I'm all alone... I have something to show you as well. I was in your old house the other day and found something. I think you'll definitely want to see it.

The Christmas Ball is due to start at 7.30pm in the town hall situated next to the Riverside Pub.
Kerry: Paula, I'm so glad you could come. You look fantastic.
Paula: It was no problem at all. You look great too.
Kerry: Thanks.
Paula: By the way, Steven's in the pub. Lexi was looking for a babysitter and Steven agreed to do it.
Kerry: Oh yeah, that's fine.
Paula: You should know though that Steven's going through a phase at the moment.
Kerry: What kind of phase?
Paula: A sort of Goth/rocker phase. I think he's coming out of it though. He still looks like one but his attitude has calmed down. Christmas day wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be.
Kerry: How old is Steven?
Paula: 15 years old. He's 16 next month.
Kerry: Ah, I remember my teenagers well.
Paula: Fondly?
Kerry: No, I don't remember them fondly, though.

Steven: Helloelloello Kacey!
Kacey: Ka-cey!
Steven: Yes, that's your name. Can you say Steven?
Kacey: Food!
Steven: No. Not even close.
Kacey: Food!
Steven: Alright, I'll give you food. If you come with me I'll take you to my house and I'll give you some chocolate cookies. Do you like the sound of that?

Paula: Wow, Dave and Rik are really good! Do they play often?
Seth: I don't know.
Lexi: They used to a few years ago. They'd play a few gigs around town now and again.
Paula: Not anymore though?
Lexi: No, they haven't done a gig in at least a year.
Paula: Who plays the drums?
Lexi: Lauren.
Paula: Oh. I suppose that's why they don't play anymore?
Lexi: Yeah.

Kerry: So then, how did I do?
Phyllis: How did you do at what, dear?
Kerry: Christmas dinner? What did you think of it?
Phyllis: It was good, Kerry. I'll admit I was surprised. When I first tasted it I wasn't sure what to think - not because I was unsure but because I didn't think you'd be capable of cooking something so good.
Kerry: Thanks, I guess. I'm glad you liked it.
Phyllis: I did. It was a really good meal. I might let you cook another meal for me again whilst I'm still staying here.

Kerry: By the way, do you smell something weird?
Phyllis: Well you could've had the decency to shower this morning, Kerry. Or you could have had at least put on some perfume or deodorant.
Kerry: I did shower this morning, mother! And I do have on perfume! I'm talking about that smell of smoke.

Steven: Oh no! The cafe and pub are on fire! I only left the pub for 5 minutes to feed Lacey.

Steven: That's a really bad fire in there. I wish I had a mobile phone to call the fire brigade...

Lexi: Oh Kacey! I'm so glad you're alright!
Kerry: Where you in the fire, Steven?
Steven: No, I left the pub to go over to my house to feed Kacey. I gave her some cookies.
Lexi: I'm just glad she's okay. Thank God you were looking after her.
Kerry: Is the fire bad? How did it start?
Steven: It looks really bad but I don't know how it started.
Kerry: Dave's just gone to call the fire brigade.
Lexi: What about Kimberley and the dog?
Kerry: They're okay, there's a woman in the next street looking after them both.

Kerry: That was quick! The fire brigade are here already.
Fireman Phil: We have another fire engine on the way. Which place is worst affected by the fire - the pub or cafe?
Kerry: The pub.

Seth: I'm so glad you're okay Phyllis.
Phyllis: I was never in danger!
Seth: I know, but I wanted an excuse to give you a hug.
Phyllis: Pfft... since when have you needed an excuse?

Fireman Phil: It's not that bad a fire.
Fireman Harry: No, it hasn't spread that far.
Fireman Phil: We got here quickly though. It could have been much worse.

Kerry: The firemen have said it's okay to re-enter the pub.
Dave: Is the damage bad?
Kerry: Half of the pub is destroyed. The cafe came off worse though, it's completely gone.
Dave: What about the house?
Kerry: Upstairs is fine they said. Just a bit of smoke damage. The spare room my parents are sleeping in is destroyed though.
Dave: Where are we sleeping tonight?
Kerry: We can sleep in there. It's safe enough. The firemen have given the all clear. They said faulty Christmas lights were to blame.
Dave: They're sure?
Kerry: Yeah, pretty much. They'll be contacting the police tomorrow though and there'll be an investigation just to make sure.
Dave: I'm going in to check out the damage. Are you coming in?
Kerry: Yeah.

Dave: It's not that bad. It's only really the seating area that's been effected by the fire.
Kerry: It won't cost us that much to get it refurbished.
Dave: It'll cost us more to refurbish the cafe though.
Kerry: Yeah. I just can't believe a few hours earlier we were all sitting in here eating Christmas dinner.

Lou is watching TV. Somebody knocks at her door.
Lou: Finally! You've arrived!

Lou: Hi. You took your time in getting here but at least you've arrived. Merry Christmas!

Kate: I had a 60 mile journey to make, Lou! But yeah, Merry Christmas to you too. I hope you had a good one!