Sim Street - Season 3 Episode 15 - Meet Me at Midnight

31st December, 4.12pm
It's New Years Eve. To celebrate the New Year, the residents of Sim Street have went to Paris. Kerry and Dave are hosting the party in a hotel where everyone is staying.

Kerry: Isn't the hotel just great?
Dave: Yeah, it's brilliant. I can't believe we have the whole hotel to ourselves for the weekend!
Kerry: My parents are almost finished decorating the hall, it looks fantastic.
Dave: Is everybody here?
Kerry: Vanessa and Richard are still to come. They spent Christmas in Ireland so they've further to travel.
Dave: I thought they were in the country?
Kerry: Yeah, so did I. When I phoned them they said they spent it in the countryside in Ireland.
Dave: Are Paula and Henry here?
Kerry: They're in their hotel rooms right now, I think.

Kerry: Wow, mum, you've done a great job in here.
Phyllis: Thanks.
Kerry: And mum, have you found someone to DJ for tonight?
Phyllis: Rik said he would do it.
Kerry: Really?
Rik: Yeah, I'm up for it.
Phyllis: Kerry, can you hold Kimberley, I've got to go and make a phone call.

Phyllis: Hi... yeah, this is Phyllis. I'm just calling to update you guys on the situation regarding Kerry. We're all at a hotel in Paris for the week. The hotel is called Hotel Madison. I've spoken with Kate recently and we almost have all the evidence you need. Kate has a CCTV video of Dave and her kissing and I have CCTV footage of Kerry in the hospital at the time of Lauren's death. I have a voice recorder on me and I'll have it on me for most of the week. I'm planning on confronting Kerry soon and I'll record her. If we get a confession from her then I'll give you the signal to come to the hotel to arrest her.

Kate: Is it safe here? There isn't any chance of Kerry or Dave coming in?
Lou: Phyllis promised us that the New Years party wasn't happening here. They're using the hall situated at the front of the hotel. This is a bar at the side of the hotel. Stop worrying.
Kate: I will, I promise.
Lou: Now, come on. I've heard half of the story behind your fake death. Tell me everything.
Kate: Phyllis will be with us soon so I'll give you the short story. When I was in the hospital - just after Kerry shot me - I was in a critical condition but stable. The police had to wait a few days until they interviewed me. By the time I was interviewed, Kerry, Dave and Richard had been interviewed. Therefore, when I told them what happened, my story was different. The police couldn't arrest anyone until they had proper evidence. I asked to join the witness protection scheme despite not being a proper witness. It was more for my safety because I was released from hospital within the following week. The police worked together with the hospital staff and made sure nobody knew about the real reason behind my disappearance. Kerry and Dave were told I had died - that was my idea. The police then recruited in Phyllis - Kerry's mum - who used to be a cop. She's undercover trying to get the truth from Kerry.
Lou: Wow. But hang on, what about your past?
Kate: The past is exactly that - it's in the past and won't be coming back to haunt me. The police know I was in prison in the nineties but I did my time for that.
Lou: What about when you killed someone when you were a teenager?
Kate: Ssshhh, they don't know about that and hopefully never will.
Lou: Kerry might tell the police.
Kate: She wouldn't...

Phyllis: Hello Kate. Hello Lou. I've just gotten off the phone with the police.
Kate: Phyllis, do they know I'm here.
Phyllis: Yes. They're aware of that.
Kate: Okay. So what's the plan?
Phyllis: I'm going to talk to Kerry about things and I'll see how it goes.
Kate: Do you think she'll confess?
Phyllis: No, she wouldn't normally but I'm her mother and I know how to make her crack.
Lou: Don't you feel guilty, Phyllis? She's your daughter.
Phyllis: No, there's no guilt. Just because she's my daughter, doesn't mean I love or care  for her.

Seth: So are any of you making New Years resolutions then?
Rik: I am.
Lexi: Ooh, tell us. I haven't heard yours yet.
Rik: I've made a few and they're a bit personal.
Lexi: Fine, tell me later then.
Rik: No, they're really personal. I don't want to say.
Lexi: I'm your girlfriend.
Rik: I'll let you know this time next year if I've achieved them.

Kerry: You wanted to talk, mother?
Phyllis: I know I've picked an awkward time, dear, but I needed to ask you something.
Kerry: Go on then.
Phyllis: I was just talking to Lou.
Kerry: Lou's here?! I didn't invite her.
Phyllis: No, I did. This party is for the residents of Sim Street and that's what she is. So I invited her. She's in her hotel room right now unpacking. Anyway, as I was saying, she sort of told me about a rumour that was going around earlier this year about you.
Kerry: And what is that rumour?
Phyllis: That you shot Lauren and Kate.
Kerry: That's ridiculous!
Phyllis: Is it?
Kerry: I can't believe it! You actually think I did such a thing!
Phyllis: You've done silly things in the past, Kerry. It wouldn't have been a first.

Kerry: How dare you!
Phyllis: How dare me?
Kerry: You have no right to through accusations like that around.
Phyllis: I have reasons to.
Kerry: Mum, why are being like this? It's New Years eve and you're accusing your daughter of being a murderer. Why are you trying to cause trouble?
Phyllis: And why are you hiding hotel CCTV footage at home. Do you have something to hide?
Kerry: Damn it! I knew you'd find those.
Phyllis: You were hardly hiding them, Kerry. All I had to do was open a wardrobe to find them.
Kerry: (Sighs) Well, I guess you've caught me out...

The New Years party at Hotel Madison started at 7.30pm. All the residents from Sim Street, including Vanessa and Richard, are in attendance.

Richard: We've had a great Christmas haven't we?
Vanessa: Yes, it was brilliant. I've been thinking, maybe we could move to Ireland. I liked spending Christmas there.
Richard: Move to Ireland? Really?
Vanessa: I'd like to. It's not like it would be forever anyway. I have less than a year to live, remember.
Richard: You don't need to remind me.
Vanessa: Ireland is such a beautiful country.
Richard: Which is one of the reason we'll move.
Vanessa: Really?
Richard: It's what you want to do. I'm not going to let you down.

Henry: Isn't it great to have a week away from the kids? And work?
Paula: I just hope the kids don't cause my mum much hassle. I'd hate to return home and find her annoyed with them.
Henry: They'll be fine, they usually are.
Paula: Oh, and I've been thinking, are we still moving back to Pleasantview in January?
Henry: It depends, why? Do you still want to?
Paula: I don't know. I mean, why move when we've just settled in. Plus we're finally socialising with the neighbours. It's not that bad a place to live after all.
Henry: I can't believe you're saying that.
Paula: Either can I. If I still feel the same way in a months time then I'll know I mean it.

Dave: Isn't she just adorable.
Seth: Yes. She reminds me so much of Kerry when she was a baby.
Dave: What was Kerry like?
Seth: Quiet, very quiet.
Dave: Do you think Kimberley will have Kerry's red hair or my dark hair?
Seth: It's hard to say. She has your eyes though.

Kerry: Dave!
Dave: Kerry, what is it?
Kerry: We need to talk outside, now.

Dave: Come on Kerry, what is it?
Kerry: We need to leave Paris.
Dave: What?! And go home? Now?
Kerry: No and yes. We need to leave but we can't go home.
Dave: Why?

Kerry: My mother knows I shot Kate and Lauren and then killed Lauren.
Dave: How?
Kerry: She found the CCTV tapes from the hospital. And then I kind of told her everything.
Dave: Kerry, how could you be so stupid?
Kerry: I don't know. She's just that type of woman who puts you under immense pressure.
Dave: You don't think she'll say anything, do you?
Kerry: Probably.
Dave: Against her own daughter?
Kerry: Two things you should know Dave: she hates me, and she's an ex-cop.

Lou: Ooh, look who it is.
Dave: Lou! Did we invite you?
Lou: No, Phyllis did. And she's told me a lot about you two, especially you Kerry. Anyway, Happy New Year to both of you. I'm just away to phone a few friends and relatives while I can, the phone lines will be jammed later. Bye.

Kerry: See what I mean? We have to go.
Dave: Yeah, okay. But what do we do?
Kerry: You, you take Kimberley. We can't leave together so I'll take our car. You can take a taxi or bus. Or you can take Rik's car.
Dave: What about passports? Money?
Kerry: That's all in our hotel room on the top floor. I'll deal with that. Meet me up there in 20 minutes.

Phyllis: I have it.
Kate: What?
Phyllis: I have a confession from Kerry.
Kate: Really? That's brilliant.
Phyllis: Yeah. Well I'm away to phone home and tell the guys at the police station. I'll be back though. I'll take in the New Year with you. All the rest of them are going outside to watch a fireworks display at 12am.
Kate: Thanks.

: (Laughs) Have you heard?
Phyllis: Heard what?
Rik: That rumour about Kerry. I was just talking to Lou and she said..
Phyllis: Said what?
Rik: You'll never believe this - Lou said that Kerry killed Kate and Lauren! (Laughs)
Phyllis: You think it's funny?
Rik: Well, only the part about Kerry killing her best friend.
Phyllis: It's not that funny, Rik.
Rik: Huh?
Phyllis: Think about it, Rik.

Kerry is on her way to her hotel room to gather together her things.

Kerry: Dave, it's me.
Dave: Hi Kerry.
Kerry: Where are you?
Dave: In the main hall. I'm just trying to get Kimberley from Seth. He's grown attached to her.
Kerry: Okay, well I'm just on my way to our hotel room.
Dave: Okay, I'll meet you in 10 to 20 minutes time.
Kerry: Yeah... whoa.
Dave: What is it?
Kerry: The lift's started going down. How strange.

Kerry: The basement. But how?

Kate: Hi Kerry.
Kerry: Kate! Oh my God! How? What?

Kate: What was that for?
Kerry: I just want to make sure I'm not hallucinating... and because you deserve it.

Kate: You are a bitch, you know that. And I have waited so long to meet you again.
Kerry: Why?
Kate: Because this time you're going down.
Kerry: You've tried to destroy me before but you didn't get very far. And you won't get any further this time because it doesn't look like you have any way to kill me this time.
Kate: Kerry, I don't need to destroy you. You've already done that to yourself. You confessed all to your mother - how you tried to kill me, how you killed Lauren. The police are on their way here and you're going to be saying hello to the year 2007 in a jail cell.

Kate: (Laughs) I know you're probably trying to escape but I'm not going to let you.
Kerry: You'll stay with me until the police arrive then?
Kate: Yes. I'm not letting you out of my sight, Kerry.
Kerry: How will you know if the police arrive when we're stuck in a basement, Kate? And what was the point in bringing me down here?
Kate: Because before the police get to you, I wanted to say hello in a very special way, Kerry.

Lexi: What are we doing outside?
Rik: You know my new years resolutions?
Lexi: What about them?
Rik: I think I'm about to achieve one of them.
Lexi: It's not even 2007 yet!
Rik: I know, but I can't wait.

Rik: Lexi I love you.
Lexi: I love you too.
Rik: Ssh, let me finish. Lexi, I love you. We've been together on and off for years but we've finally settled down. We have a baby together and we're almost a complete family.
Lexi: Where is this going?

Rik gets down on one knee.
Lexi: Rik! Oh my God!
Rik: Lexi, will you marry me?

Lexi: Of course! Of course I will!

Lexi: Rik, I love you so much!
Rik: And I love you too.

Kerry: Kate, you're always at the centre of my problems. Ever since I met you you've only caused me a load of trouble and problems.
Kate: You bring it all onto yourself, Kerry.
Kerry: I'm not going to let you destroy my life forever. I'm running away tonight and there's nothing you can do about it

Kerry attacks Kate by jumping on her back.
Kate: Argh! Kerry, get off me.

Kerry: Ouch!
Kate: I am not letting you get away, not if it is the last thing I ever do.

Kerry: Ha! And you said you'd bring me down? Look who's crying for help now.
Kate: Kerry, please. I think I'm going to collapse.
Kerry: I'm not helping you. You brought this all on yourself, Kate.

The residents of Sim Street have left the hall to go outside to witness a fireworks display at midnight. Richard and Vanessa are still dancing together.

Richard: I'd much rather take in the New Year whilst dancing with you than watching some sparkly crap light up the sky.
Vanessa: Yeah, I feel the same.
Richard: How long to go?
Vanessa: Five minutes now.
Richard: I can't wait, 2007 is going to be such a great year. I'm going to make it our best yet!

Richard: What's the matter Vanessa?
Vanessa: (Coughs) I don't know... I can't breath.
Richard: Oh my God, somebody HELP!
Vanessa: Phone for an ambulance.
Richard: I don't have a phone.
Vanessa: Richard I love you.
Richard: Don't say that, I'm away to get help.
Vanessa: I don't think I have much time.
Richard: I love you too, Vanessa. I'll go and get help.

: KERRY! You let me out of here now!

Kerry: Unhappy New Year Kate!
Kate: Straight back at you. Now let me out!
Kerry: (Laughs) No.
Kate: What a minute, I have keys.
Kerry: No you don't I've stolen them.
Kate: I'll use the elevator.
Kerry: There's no elevator on that side of the door.
Kate: You mean I'm trapped.
Kerry: Oh yes.
Kate: You bitch!
Kerry: Don't worry, I'll leave the keys by the door. The police can let you out when they get here and you can tell them how you let me escape.

: Where are the rest of the police officers?
Leon: They just sent me. They want to make sure you have the evidence before any arrests are made.
Phyllis: You stupid idiot! Kerry and Dave have gone! And so has Kate!
Leon: What?
Phyllis: Kerry and Dave haven't been seen since 11pm and either has Kate.
Leon: Oh no! I'll go and get back up. We can't let Kerry, Dave or even Kate escape!

: Kerry! Where are you? I've been waiting here for nearly an hour. I even celebrated the New Year alone!

Some noises come from the stairway.
Dave: Kerry, is that you?

Dave: Oh, it's you. You haven't seen Kerry have you? Oh! What are you doing with that?


Dave: Arghhh...

Kerry has driven from Hotel Madison to the outskirts of Paris.

Kerry: Hi Dave, it's me. I'm just leaving this message on your answer phone to let you know that I couldn't meet you in the hotel. I had to leave immediately because I got into some trouble. Therefore you'll have to get our passports, money and clothes. I've stolen Rik's car so you can take our one. The car keys are in our hotel room. Phone me when you get this message and I'll tell you where I'm at. Love you honey. Goodbye.